10 best technology trends of 2019 you should know about

Technology has indeed played a pivotal role during the last half-century in the global development. Its presence and effects could be seen in different aspects of the modern society- right from economy to politics! However, in the last 2 decades, the technology has not only successfully completed many milestones but has also increased the penetration in the society. The innovations that have been made in the last 2 decades have helped a great way in expanding the reach of technology. Here are the 10 most innovative technologies trends for 2018:

  • VPA: Intelligent Virtual Apps

Though it would be too early to say that the virtual apps can comfortably replace the real assistants, we cannot deny that they can competently execute some part of secretarial work. Virtual Personal assistants can make the lives of CEOs and other top-level professionals much easier and organized. These intelligent apps can streamline the communication and interactions by managing the emails as per importance, schedule meetings according to priorities and also managing the client communications that eventually affects the client relations.

  • Internet of Things

IoT can sense the surroundings and start an intelligent interaction with the human beings. Autonomous vehicles can predict a bad weather and thus avoid the risky routes as per the suggestions by GPR while at the same time the smart wearable can automatically inform 911 or other relevant relief authorities via Smartphone making to easier for them to trace the driver and prevent any untoward incident.

  • Virtual and Augmented Reality

Corporate sector is “customizing their efforts to suit the personality and likes of their audience/clients” thanks to AI. No more one-size-for-all. Ads, products, apps, experiences, services, support and other deliverables can now be personalized to harmonize with the personality and expectations of individual audience and client. The entire community of intelligent things like wearable, mobiles, devices with sensor and IoT can be used to offer hyper-personalized “environment” for the clients and audience that can proactively communicate with them and thus will be more successful at convincing them to buy the products or services.

  • Digital Twin

In plain language, a digital twin is a soft (digital) copy of a physical object that uses sensor data to understand the changes, operations and other aspects of the physical object by using analytics, state and event data. This soft copy changes when they actually object changes and thus facilitates the maximum value addition. The digital twins virtual results mimicking the real-life effects. It saves time and reduces costs substantially.

  • Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers

As per the definition by the Techcrunch “At its core, the blockchain is a distributed ledger that can validate and register transactions without the need for a central authority. No one owns the ledger — it’s spread across the nodes that constitute its network and is publicly available to everyone.” The information is encrypted on peer to peer network while each block is attached with the previous lock. Block here refers to a continuously evolving list of records produced by revision or tapering. There are some reliable names in the financial brands that are supporting Blockchain and distributed ledgers. Other industry includes online music distribution, title registry, and complicated supply chains.

  • Conversational Systems

Right now, the chatbots are the major techniques for conversational systems but with time it will embrace a border appeal with the multitude of endpoints that are integrated into our daily schedule. The focus will be to enhance the extent while increasing the intensity of digital experience. Needless to say that it will make the things livelier and gear up the interaction process.

  • Mesh App and Service Architecture

In plain English, the MASA Mesh app and service architecture is actually an interwoven connection of we, IoT mobile and desktop with a focus to facilitate the device to device interaction transcending eh traditional boundaries introducing the multi-tier level communication. It will have a positive impact on the scalability and will add a new level of agility to the entire ecosystem. The multitude of devices can be engaged at different levels but streamlined towards the same objective. Think of your car communicating with your smartwatch.

  • Adaptive Security Architecture

The IoT usage and behavior of entities can be employed to architect intelligent security that can evolve with time by recognizing the patterns of breaching. Using statistics, facts, data, and patterns the AI can be used to minimize the security risk of the existing architecture while at the same time eliminate the security risks from the upcoming IOT.

  • Automation- The next level

During their next age of evolution the machines have already achieved and are now evolving towards the tasks that were earlier a “private property” of human brains. Those in the swing of the things should know that there are a number of robotic journalists that are working perfectly fine and loaded with innovative qualities. Thus the “blue-collared” machines are now all poised to be promoted to do white collar jobs.

  • Big Data with humanistic efforts

The more personalized use of Big Data is another technical trend. The huge volume of quantities and data sets are intelligently manipulated for enhancing productivity. The data can include sales figures for; last 5 years to predict the sales of the current year or studying the instances of particular diseases in the last decade to render better public healthcare facilities in African or Asian countries. However, the new age machines can now recognize, differentiate and exclusively treat the more important and specific data sets from the clutter of general data. Besides the new age machines can learn to establish the strategic connection between different data sets and manipulate them in a more user-friendly format.

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