These 10 technology trends are changing the world for better (or worse!)

The technology is changing the word at an unbelievable speed and its presence can be felt in nearly every sphere of life. Especially during the last decade, a huge aspect of our lifestyle has been changed because of technology. Right from the software that automates the tedious and repetitive tasks to the IoT that offers a quick and mobile connectivity to anyone in the vicinity, there a number of technological developments and innovations that have changed the world. Let us know about some of the major innovations:

  1. Self-driving Trucks

Though there has been some success in manufacturing the autonomous cars, the trucks are a different story altogether due to the technical complications. Besides, there are other challenges too.


• Keeping the overall commercial equation of truck transportation unaffected

• Matching the human awareness of a truck driver


• Self-driven truck will be much safer on the road

• Such trucks could coordinate their movement over long highways to save fuel

• Will help the transporter and other commercial partners to get timely delivery.

2. Face Recognition technology

The computers have been trained using the AI technique so that it could pinpoint the finest nuisances of facial features for identifying a particular face.


• Easy recognition of criminals who have tampered their facial features

• Ticket-less entry to key places like historical monuments, apartments etc. that would lighten the burden on administration


• Malicious elements can tamper with the machines to make things more complicated- like someone being denied to enter their own apartment

3. 360 Degree Selfies (Inexpensive)

Earlier multiple cameras were used to shoot such video and photos and pay an exponential amount of up to $10000. In this new technology, the images were first transferred to a computer and special software was used to create a seamless picture. Now teh same can be done using an inexpensive technology that is easy to use


• The technology can intensify the real-life instances and take it to the next level.


• Automating the task without specific skills can pose risk to the jobs of traditional professionals

4. Botnets

A botnet is actually not a new age phenomenon. However as the cheap webcams, digital video recorders and other gadgets have started penetrating the IoT field, it has added more strength to botnet attacks. These gadgets don’t pay a keen attention to the security because of the practical reason- that could affect the very objective of IoT- to make the things easier through digitization.


• Many of the benefits of Botnets are, unfortunately, available to malicious users. However, as the technology can automate the things, there could be some use of botnets while fighting in the cyberspace.


• People with the malicious bent mind can use the botnets for a number of reasons like extortion.

5. Automation

Thanks to the AI and machine learning, the systems cannot only follow the instructions and repeat some specific actions but they can also exercise their intelligence or “learn” new things.


• The smart AI will free up the staff who can then utilize the free time in more productive jobs


• The reduced workload will affect the entire work culture due to increased number of free hours

6. Big Data

The Big Data Analysis is helping a number of institutions, organizations, and fields by offering a streamlined data-based strategy to recognize certain patterns that can help in manipulating data for identification, prediction, prevention and proactive reaction to a number of activities.


• The use of historical data for determining the future course of action will promote preventive rather than reactive approach that would certainly help the organizations


• As the businesses will start adopting big data analysis on a big level it can change the very basic structure of the way a business operates. The revolutionary strategic changes would require many businesses to change some portion of their strategy and the shift would not be without hiccups.

7. Mobile Internet Devices

The increased connectivity has already been promoting the mobile workforce and clients. The staff will be able to bring their own devices or they may perform a number of tasks while sitting at their home.


• That would allow them to maintain the work life balance without compromising with any of them.


• A number of communication apps that are almost always on rob a person of his privacy.

8. Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants are already helping the people and in the long run, the technology can become more intelligent. Yes, it applies to a vast number of virtual assistants, not just SIRI.


• The voice-controlled virtual assistants would help the people with physical limitations to make the best use of technology


• As the time will advance the virtual assistance can mimic many human qualities and may even start responding intelligently. It will keep the people occupied with technical friends and can hamper the sociability.

9. Mobile Autonomy

The present era will see the Mobile autonomy helping the people to reduce a good percentage of physical efforts. It can also allow the human beings to explore dangerous regions with the use of drones, etc.


• It helps the military to carry dangerous surveillance operations without risking their lives


• It is still doubtful if they could ever match the agility and awareness of human being.

10. Cryptocurrency

A digital asset that is used as currency for the online transaction and does not enjoy the same status as the physical currency is called Cryptocurrency.


• It is unlikely to inflate as opposed to the physical currency.


• It is not possible to trace the transactions that have been made using cryptocurrency


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