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4 Key SEO resolutions in 2018

The New Year 2018 has almost arrived and has brought a bag of hopes for the people. In fact it is the time of promises and resolution. Though you might not be able to keep all you resolutions, at least keeping a few resolutions can also help you in some way or the other. So, why not make some resolutions for the well being of your website can get some good ranking on major search engines.

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Here are a few SEO resolutions in 2018 that can offer your website a good among on major search engines:

Resolution#1: Make your content Voice search friendly

Due to the increasing use of mobile devices for internet access, the people are turning to more convenient and human ways of conducting search. One of the most popular ways for making search is voice. Voice search has been around for some time but in the recent years but has registered a significant growth. More and more people are now taking the benefit of voice search that is a valuable asset especially if you are using the internet on the go.

As per the stats of Google approximately 1 out of every 5 searches is conducted using voice search. It also has an influence on the keywords and key phrases. So you need to pay attention on the long tail and natural key phrases that are rendered in conversational tone.

  • During the voice search people generally abandon the well structured format of written style. Besides, due to the convenience the search phrase does not need to be compressed or very short.
  • Due to the availability of assistant the people generally use the interrogative phrase with what, whys and hows.
  • So you need to make the conversational key phrases a part of your content strategy.
  • Also ensure that your content should be formulated in the form of answers. Likewise headings in the form of questions can also help you in SEO ranking
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Resoliution#2: Respect Google’s Mobile First index

In an important announcement last year Google disclosed that they would be making some key changes to generate mobile first index. The good news is that the mobile first index has not yet been a practical reality and it will still take some time. Hence you still have some time to make the necessary changes. In short, apart for the mobile versions for the mobile devices you would also need a mobile version for the desktop computers.

So if you would start working towards this now, you would possibly enjoy a cutting edge over your competitors who haven’t started taking the things seriously. We hope that you already have a mobile friendly website. If not, then you might be losing a number of potential clients on a daily basis. Just for the sake of figures, as many as 60% of internet happens on mobile!

  • Transfer M. version to responsive design
  • Ensure to have the same content on both versions of your website desktop and mobile!

Resolution#3: Go for User Friendly Website

The Google is user first company and over the period of time it has developed a number of guidelines to ensure that the users should get the premium experience. In the same effort Google adequately rewards the websites that offer an ideal user experience. So making your website user friendly can help you to get better SEO rankings.

  • Apart from keeping the Google happy, the user friendly website could help you to gain more traction by offering better experience to your audience that increases stay period and effectively minimizes the bounce rate.
  • Minimalistic web design, neat code, streamlined navigation and well guided browsing are some of the key features of a user friendly website.

Resolution#4: Take help of Videos in your SEO

There is a keen attraction created by the moving images. We all love them- the talking and moving videos. They are so real and human that their impact is quite immediate on our mind. Hence you cannot neglect the videos when you think about the psychology of online consumers. Apart from impacting the potential clients the videos can also help in getting you some tangible SEO benefits. Google has started showing videos in the snippets sections. Hence you can enjoy the double benefit of prime display as well as more efficient format of presentation.

  • You can enrich the readers experience by embedding video in your blog posts that would not only further clarify the written text but will also increase the viewership as well as naturally stretching the time period that readers spend on your blog. Besides due to their very nature the videos also encourage the audience to share on their social profiles

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