4 Things to Keep in Mind When You Buy Any Web Hosting Plan

Web hosting is the foundation of any website and in order to enjoy a good benefit out of your website you need a reliable web hosting service. You don’t need a website that takes a long time to load or offers fluctuating performance. So you need to keep some major things in mind before and after buying a web hosting plan. Here are a few major things to keep in mind:

1. Speed

In this age of blazing fast internet connectivity the people are getting impatient. If your site doesn’t load quickly the visitors will quickly hit the back button to explore other options- without a second thought. You didn’t invest in SEO exercises to improve you search engine ranking just to be dismissed by the visitors and lose the opportunities. It is a common practice to quickly shift the entire blame to hosting provider in all such but that’s neither right nor wise. You first need to check your site. In many cases your site might be overloaded with plug-in or heavy media files.

  • Heavy images consume massive space and are one of the prime reasons for slow speed. You can either resize the images or optimize them without changing their actual dimensions.
  • Lengthy videos and a number of plug-in are 2 other major reasons for slow loading of your site. In many cases it is possible to edit out the irrelevant sections of your videos to reduce their size. Optimizing them will further slim them down and make them much lighter.
  • While plug-ins make it easier than ever for the non technical clients to quickly perform many intricate tasks without any external assistance, they demand heavy resources and occupy a significant space. It slows down your site.
  • Consider using fewer plug-in that are really necessary and purpose-specific. In many cases it is wiser to go through a little learning curve and following the traditional technical way rather than using heavy plug-in that slow down your site.

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2. Support

Your online reputation, marketing, branding and revenue depend upon your site’s performance. Inconsistent performance, fluctuations and downtimes significantly reduce your business potential and result in direct losses in the form of losing online orders and partnership opportunities.

  • Even the most reputed hosting provider cannot guarantee you a 100% perfect performance on all fronts 24X7X365
  • The next best option is high quality support that is promptly available round the clock
  • Make sure that your hosting provider offers reliable support multiple mediums of communication- ticket, chat, main, social media and a phone call
  • Also ensure that the support services are not outsourced to the third parties but delivered by the In house support staff
  • The staff should be technically proficient to offer reliable support irrespective of the nature of query or issue. A good team coordination is extremely important to resolve more complicated issues that need involvement of senior IT staff.
  • You should be able to access the reliable support even if you call during late hours at night or weekends
  • In fact in many cases it is during these odd hours that your site is more likely to encounter issues
  • Weekends are preferred days of online shopping and fluctuations aren’t uncommon during these days. If you don’t have access to reliable support team to resolve performance issues or downtime then you may end up losing many customers and opportunities.

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3. Security

  • Hackers have got much smarter than before and each passing day teaches them new tricks of the trade. It has evolved as a professionally managed business with regular high-calibre employees. Use of AI has added an extra edge to their capabilities. You need an additional and stronger layer of security to save your site against harmful cyber attacks.
  • Make sure that your hosting provider strictly follows premium security standards as per the latest recommendations.
  • One of the common misconceptions of the people is that you must invest in premium plans like dedicated hosting or private cloud if you want to enjoy high level of security.
  • While the premium plans do come with some security privileges, it doesn’t mean that you must forget about site security if you buy shared hosting plan.
  • Reputed hosting providers offer a decent security ecosystem even for their shared hosting clients. Also the practices like 2-factor authentication can further ad to your security. All your data resides n the servers and the servers are used in data centre.
  • So the security health of data centre directly impacts the security of your data and website.
  • It is reasonable and even recommendable t demand either a virtual or physical visit to the data centre to check if it is a real, well-established data centre or just a bunch of servers squished in a locked room near the main operational office?
  • Are the visitors properly whisked before entering or leaving the premises? Are the servers protected against the disasters?
  • Last but not the least, think of the worst situation- what if despite of such secured ecosystem the site is hacked or data centre is destroyed in natural disaster? Is there a reliable data backup service on a frequent basis (and how frequent?)
  • Does the provider offers prompt disaster manager services and how prepared the staff is to retrieve the saved data during such situations? How quickly the web host implements update is anther major factor to be considered.
  • It will make sure that you save most of your data even during worst situations.

4. Choosing the right Hosting Plans

There isn’t anything wrong in starting your site with a shared hosting plan. However, if your resource needs are consistently escalating then it would be wise to upgrade your plan.

  • It is out of question for small business clients to invest in dedicated server.
  • However you can invest a little more and buy VPS hosting plan- a golden mean between unreliable shared hosing plan and overtly expensive dedicated server.
  • One major concern of clients is that unlike shared hosting they have to pay for each resource when they buy VPS hosting plan.
  • You may consider buying combos like VPS cloud hosting plans that offer you high availability as well as scalable resources to manage fluctuating needs.
  • However, it is strictly recommendable to check the prices and ensure that they are reasonable and you can afford them.


In order to enjoy a great experience out of your web hosting plan you need to be careful while choosing the best web hosting package for your website. In this blog, we have presented some key tips keep in mind regarding the web hosting of your website. By following these tips you can easily enhance your brand reputation in the digital landscape.

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