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5 Best IT security providers to help you enjoy in-depth security in digital landscape

While the digital ecosystem allows you to multiply your potential, reach and rewards in a relatively shorter period, it also comes with potential security hazards. The continuously increasing incidences of cyber threats and data breach show the enhanced competency of malicious elements like hackers, cyber attackers, ransomware criminals, and others. With a huge number of companies losing massive opportunities and dollars due to security issues/attacks, we can no longer afford to take security issues lightly. So, it has become imperative to consider the security of your digital ecosystem while building a website, developing software or entering into the cloud ecosystem. IT security is a demanding field and you just cannot rely on your regular website development company to safeguard your digital ecosystem. You need the specialized help of security experts, ethical hackers, and authentic risk mitigation professionals. Fortunately, there are some of the best IT security companies that can offer you reliable services. In this article we are going to present some of the leading names to offer you trusted security against various incidences and treats:


Science soft

Science soft is a pioneer brand in the field of software development, IT consultancy and information security. The company brings on the table its 3 decades of rich experience and keen expertise in IT security services.

ScienceSoft’s area of expertise includes:

  • It employs the strongest security components of high repute to reaffirm sharp security in the cloud ecosystem
  • Constant full-range cloud monitoring to ensure maximum safety throughout
  • 360-degree activity analysis to identify suspicious issues and take agile action
  • Confirming the security compliance of clients’ cloud ecosystem as per latest guidelines
  • Identifying and patching the gaps to make the clients’ cloud ecosystem meet the ideal security guidelines.



Sophos central is another name in the IT ecosystem that is trusted by the clients to enjoy the best protection against wide-ranging issues like malware, hacking, ransomware, and others. Agility, reliability, and precision have helped the company to earn a covetous reputation in the industry.

  • Sophos central works on a rapid plan methodology that includes intense monitoring, proactive threat identification, automated alert system and quick reformative
  • actions to offer highest levels of security
  • Along with cloud security the company also offers security systems for corporate emails, Wi-Fi, mobiles and server security among others
  • The company is supported by more than 2.5K carefully selected expert professionals across multiple continents
  • You can also test its potential with a 1-month free trial to check its compatibility with your specific security requirements.
  • While offering the most resilient security solutions against the major threats the company also frees you from the complexity with its simplified communications and easy accessibility


Hytrust has achieved a milestone success in data protection landscape with its high-end security controls, robust methodologies, sharp technologies and cutting edge solutions. It has allowed the company to enjoy a distinct reputation among its competitors and peers.

  • The company specializes in providing diverse security services like cloud encryption system, virtualization security, automated security compliance, rapid action methodology, and others.
  • By using the latest technologies the company patches the communication gaps and ensures excellent coordination
  • The company has a proven track record of resolving the most complicated security
  • The company came into the existence in 2007 when the cyber threats were registering a massive increase both in terms of volumes and scale. Over the years the company has acquired the capability of constructing a resilient firewall around their clients that is capable of eliminating some of the most complex and sophisticated malware and viruses



The company offers deep-rooted security against the common as well as sophisticated threats. Its airproof infrastructure, brilliant staff, and latest infrastructure make sure that the client should get dedicated solutions against different types of security issues and risks. With its zero-trust policies and partnership with some of the most leading firms in the industry, the company makes sure that the clients should enjoy the durable and most reliable solutions against diverse instances.

  • All-encompassing security
  • Avant-Garde performance
  • Proactive team
  • Pre-defined action series to mitigate the risk
  • Premium support Round the clock even on public holidays and midnight
  • Uncompromised performance
  • Minimum setup costs
  • Rapid deployment
  • Easy to be integrated into existing IT ecosystem



This leading security brand offers a solid airproof cloud firewall to protect your cloud ecosystem as well as private network from several threats, risks, and issues. Right from data in transit attacks to suspicious traffic and malware- the system is capable of offering wide-ranging security service with proven competence. It works as a 24-hour invisible and invincible guard standing on the digital gate of your corporate ecosystem. It protects the incoming or outgoing data, elements (i.e., internal/external access) and deeply scrutinizes each activity.


  • It extensive monitors the activity logs
  • Proven solutions against spyware, DDoS and brute force
  • Fully managed solutions including score, precautions, prevention and diagnosis
  • Agile security ecosystem
  • Best in class support
  • Kamatera’s firewall management services include setting definitions, blocking ports, and monitoring firewall logs for viruses and malware.
  • Full-phase management with blocking ports firewall logs monitoring and determining definitions
  • The objective of Kamatera is to offer robust all-weather security without burdening their clients with heavy maintenance requirements.


  • Best security standards to minimize the losses and maximize protection
  • Precise issue-resolving capabilities with sharp and incisive solutions
  • Safe retrieval system to assure quick bounceback
  • Quick time o market
  • Seamless integration with the third party and regular technologies without interference
  • Uniform performance in diverse conditions


Kamatera comes with a wide range of capabilities and most importantly it offers the proactive support for protecting you against most of the scenarios. Shield your cloud servers and private networks against a wide variety of attacks by securing it with Kamatera’s Cloud Firewall- a sophisticated cloud security solution that can competently safeguards your data from cyberattackers and also offers a reliable protection umbrella against malware.


A Cloud Firewall safeguards your cloud infrastructure and servers in multiple ways:

  • No Unauthorized intrusion
  • Protects against suspicious sources
  • Protects open ports against shrewd hackers
  • Solid protections against wide range of attacks- code injection, Virus/malware, DoS and more dangerous attacks with far reaching impact
  • Defends your site against root kit installation
  • Capably prevents data leakage and defends against spyware

Kamatera solutions would be a great fit for:

  • App Developers
  • Start-up Companies
  • Enterprises
  • SaaS Systems Providers


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…..and the winner is…

While all the solutions listed in this blog are equally credible and efficient. the Kamatera is unique in the sense that it acts as a One-stop solution for all your digital security, recovery and business-continuity needs. In shot you get the dual benefit if cure and prevention. Here is a wide array of other services provided by Kamatera:

  • Single Platform for managing all domains
  • Start Up Solutions
  • SaaS Provider Infrastructure
  • Web & App Developers
  • Application Hosting
  • Mobile Application Solutions
  • Worldwide Infrastructure
  • Diagonal Scaling
  • E-commerce
  • Fully Managed Cloud
  • Cloud Migration
  • Cloud Consulting
  • Microsoft Cloud Solutions
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Web & App Developers




In this age, where the cyber threats have become frequently repeated incidents, it is highly important to protect your digital ecosystem and websites from various potential instances. You need to hire a reputed IT security provider for enjoying the best security against diverse issues. It is vital to first review your specific requirements and budget limitation to select the ideal security provider for safeguarding your digital business.



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