6 Best HIPAA Compliant Web Hosting Solutions

You should have heard one term that has become highly popular in the web hosting industry- HIPAA compliance. There are a number of web hosting companies that call them HIPA compliant companies. However, in order to make sure that you should get the really good HIPAA compliant services, you need to understand some basics. In this article we will first tell you about the HIPAA compliance and then share the list of bets HIPAA compliant hosting providers:

What is HIPAA compliance?

The full form if HIPAA is Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and it defines the different standards needed for the protection of the sensitive data related to a patient. It makes it mandatory for the companies to have the best measure for secreting network, process, and other factors that may interfere with the privacy or security of sensitive information. By securing all these factors as per the HIPAA rules these companies can be officially labelled as HIPAA compliant companies. 

Best HIPAA compliant hosting services

Now we will look at some of the hosting providers that are counted among the best HIPAA compliant hosting providers as they are found to have the best security measures and a solid ecosystem that is needed to comply with all the HIPAA rules and regulations: 

Liquid web

Liquid web has specifically designed its HIPAA hosting that comes within entire suite of digital and hardware infrastructure including locked server cabinets, extended HIPAA-compliant security guidelines, fully managed servers and various other requirements needed to create a fully HIPAA compliant ecosystem. It also involves business associated agreements. 

In order to have an unbiased proof of them being a fully HIPAA compliant company, the hosting company has gone through a third-party audit.

Depending upon your need and budget you can either choose to opt for single server option or buy multiple server plans. More demanding clients can also purchase customized solutions tailored to meet their needs.


Rackspace has already earned the trust of global clients due to its reliable services, reasonable prices, and excellent support quality. It offers state of the art HIPAA compliant cloud hosting services that has also been awarded HITRUST CSF certification due to the extended HIPAA compliance quality of their hosting services.

Living up to its standards the Rackspace offers you complete assistance throughout the entire process. Along with guided implementation it also provides you customized design as well as professional reviewing services. The company also offers you excellent after-sales services, network administrations, management of database and monitoring services.

The company holds an extended experience of over two decades and due to its exemplary customer services it has earned a respected status among different hosting companies of the worlds.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon web services boasts of the reliable and powerful hosting services and its clients include some of the global brands with multinational presence.

The AWS cloud environment is extremely powerful and spacious which can be used to store and maintain the sensitive PHI data. Due to its high-end security ecosystem you can also transmits the PHI data without compromising on the safety. The risk management program of AWS fully conforms to the guidelines set by FedRAMP as well as NIST 800-53 which are also aligned with the HIPAA.

You can either choose to directly purchase the hosting plan from AWS or even opt for the managed WWS provider. The latter option gives you an advantage to get them quicker, better and more personal support.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure has already proven its mettle as a go-to cloud solution for your different needs. Whether you are looking for infrastructure as a service or want to go for SaaS or PaaS you can certainly rely on the dynamic capacity of Microsoft azure. But that’s not all. There is a wide assortment of services you can get from Microsoft Azure and the list includes 600+ services.

Along with web hosting services it can also offer you storage and data management services.

The cloud services y Microsoft has found to be satisfactory in FedRAMP assessments. Moreover the independent auditors have awarded it its services that come under business associate agreement have awarded it ISO/IEC 27001 certification to their services that come under business associated agreement. So if you are looking for a reliable partner to help you achieve the HIPAA compliance then Azure can be among the best choices for you.

In order to assist the healthcare companies for hassle-free deployment and properly achieving HIPAA compliance the company has also designed a HIPAA/HITUST Blueprint which shows Azure’s adherence and involvement wit HIPAA compliance rules.

ATalntic.Net doesn’t flash out in the hosting industry news like some of is peers but it is actually one of the oldest entities in the field. With a total experience of 25 long years. Along with achieving distinct reputation the company has also earned strong trust of the people and organizations due to their top of the class infrastructure, prompt and precise support and reliable services.

Just like Azure the Atlantic has also been certified by the independent auditors and found to be adhering to the best compliance and security guidelines. The company has earned SOC 2 Type II and SOC 3 Type II certifications. The company’s solutions provide multifactor authentication, encrypted VPNs, firewalls and other factors that should be fulfilled for HIPA compliance

The best thing is that the company also offers you 100% uptime guarantee and you may also choose the managed solutions to get rid of management hassles.


As the name suggest the HIPAA vault offers cloud solutions that are specifically built to be HIPAA complaints. The company diligently focuses on issues like security threats, ecosystem security loopholes, data breaches and other system vulnerabilities and each solution is designed to patch all these gaps.

The HIPAA Vault offers managed solutions in order to ensure the bets HIPAA compliances which allows the company to take care of all the sophisticated security measures for ensuring the HIPAA compliant ecosystem by monitoring the clients infrastructure and securing them against any cyber-attacks or other threat. The company takes Th support very seriously and most of the issues are resolved in the first call.

You can also expect FedRAMP compliant cloud of different variants like private, hybrid and public clouds. Due to its security first commitment the company is a regular participant in programs like DBE, SBA 8(a), HUBZone, and GSA.


HIPAA compliant web hosting providers assures you the best security of the data and maintain its privacy by providing you the services that are fully compliant with the HIPAA rules and regulations. This blog we have presented a list of 5 best HIPAA service providers. The readers are advised to use their discretion and compare the prices before buying services form any provider.

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