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A2 Hosting Review 2019: An Honest Company With Dependable Hosting Solutions

Your website plays the most vital role in the digital world and helps you to gain trust, loyalty and brand recognition in the digital arena. It is the design and functioning of your website that can help you gain the maximum rewards and achieve a cutting edge over your competitors. That is why, it is very important to choose your web hosting provider carefully There are multiple factors that you should keep in mind while finding the best web hosting provider.

While there are a number of branded web hosting providers in the market you need to ensure that they should also have a good track record and should be supported by the required infrastructure and ecosystem to promise a reliable performance? One such brand in the industry is A2 Hosting. There are many positive reviews about the company across the net. But what are the major processes, technologies and assets that have earned a great reputation to this company. Let us do a 360-degree honest review:

A brief about the company

A2 Hosting was launched in 2001 that can be considered as a crucial period in the evolution of web hosting industry. There is a small interesting reason behind its name. The company started out with the name of Inquinet and was located in Ann Arbour. Due to the positive business environment as well as the innovative practices along with fair pricing the company started making fast growth. Connected to their roots, the company decided to acquire the new name A2 Hosting after their original location Ann Arbour (A2 stands for abbreviated version of its location).

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Innovative use of technology

One of the major reasons behind the success of the company is its wholesome and innovative perspective towards technology. It has constantly been upgrading itself with the latest technologies in the market. Since 2004 when the company adopted PHP5 (an innovative feat at that time) till 2013 when it started utilizing SSD or solid state drive, the company has always prove to be a forerunner in the industry.

A2 Hosting All Hosting Plans

Find brief about all hosting plans A2 hosting is offering and review as per the requirement.

A2 Hosting Shared Hosting Plans Review:

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A2 Hosting VPS Hosting Plans Review :

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A2 Hosting Dedicated Server Plans Review:

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Features of A2 Hosting:

List of all features A2 hosting is offering to its customers, have a look below:

Uptime and Availability Guarantee:

Whether you are running an eCommerce site or providing a social media platform for the netizens to come and connect online, reliable uptime is the first and foremost factor to be considered. Unavailability of the site or interrupted performance are 2 major reasons for discouraging the new visitors to stay long on your site and over a period of time it can also force even the loyal audiences to abandon your site. That is why A2 Hosting promises you the best uptime in the industry.

  • Its guarantee of 99.9% uptime confidently rests on the most sophisticated technologies it uses
  • Furthermore A2 Hosting works on a well managed process of monitoring and maintaining the uptime
  • Last but not the least it is the bright manpower of the company including top grade engineers, qualified software professionals and other dedicated IT professionals that should be credited with assuring the maximum uptime
  • The company has a well formulated policy of limiting the load on the shared hosting servers by restricting the number of clients on a single server
  • Besides, the company also offers the caching facility so that the visitors’ browser can save the key information that eliminates the process of data extraction from your site thus boosting the loading speed
  • So confident is the company about its uptime guarantee tat it publicly discloses the uptime statistics
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Apart from availability the next or even equally important thing is high speed. At this front too the company gives a perfect reason to smile. One of the biggest challenges for the clients is to assure the unaltered speed even during intense fluctuations or the instances of very big traffic load. Keeping this in mind the company utilizes the best in the class technology.

  • Apart from SSD that employs the advance process for reducing latency, the company has also employed Turbo servers perhaps the ultimate speed booster. For the uninformed the turbo server can amplify the speed by as much as 20 times the normal loading speed and its performance is largely unchallenged by the varying factors like fluctuations or load traffic.
  • The company also adds another layer to its speed assurance guarantee with the help of SwiftServer Platform that is specially architected to prevent any fluctuations affecting the performance your site

Privately owned Data centres at strategic locations:

The strategic spread of the data centre is another factor that offers A2 Hosting a prime position in the industry. The company is supported by 3 data centers in different countries.

  • Apart from the hub of data centres – USA, the company also has data centres in Singapore and Amsterdam.
  • It is clearly an asset for you especially you eye international audience- No matter if your target audience is in Asia, Europe or America the visitors can enjoy a good speed as the request is redirected to the nearest data centres thus slashing latency
  • Round the clock monitoring of these data centres ensure that your site is secured and free form any disorders.
  • Its SSAE16 certified data centres offers a very high level of security while round the clock CCTV surveillance further allows you to enjoy multi-aspect security.

Data Backup:

No matter how much security is provided to the data centre you should always e prepared to face the unpleasant situation. That is why A2 Hosting offers a high advanced backup facility with server rewind backup that helps in automatic recovery of the saved data thus minimizing the loss.

Furthermore the A2 Hosting also utilizes CloudFlare- an advanced technology that can boost the performance delivery speed and protects your site against any suspicious elements

Best security for shared Hosting:

The threats of shared hosting cannot be eliminated completely. However A2Hostig offers the maximum level of possible security by using Patchman a protection tool that detects the outdated software versions, files with infection, and various security issues associated with poplar CMS

Great Support Team:

The support team of A2 Hosting unreachable round the clock and you can use multiple online and offline communication tools o connect with them. Depending upon your convenience and accessibility you can either opens a ticket, mail them or call them up for the quick support.

  • The support crew is not only quick to attend the call but are also apt at identifying the root cause of the problems.
  • They can offer you the purpose specific solutions in the jargon fee language that with actionable explanation
  • The team coordination is exemplary and helps the company to offers a great assistance even during the demanding situations
  • Their main aim is to eliminate nay possibility of ay harm to your business due to any technical malfunctioning.

Easy Control Panel

Control panel plays an important role in controlling many features of your website. However, an advanced control panel can not be an ideal choice for the people with basic technical knowledge while the technically enlightened clients would love to avail benefit of more advanced features and enjoy an extended control. That is why the company offers the control panel with scalable features.

  • While the general commands are easy to use and can be accessed via intuitive interface, the control panel also houses aimed for highly advanced a comprehensive to enjoy the complex controlling actions that keep both e basic and advanced clients happy
  • Installation of various software and CMS is really easy with the help of Softaculous that compresses the installation process to just a few easy clicks
  • It also give you an easy access to Drupal Joomla etc

Ecommerce capabilities

For the eCommerce clients the A2 Hosting also allows various become tools like shopping cart, Prestashop, Magento and other popular platforms. Getting up is hassle free with just a few single clicks.

Final Review/thought on A2 Hosting

Going the above review, it can safely be said that A2 Hosting is a great web hosting company that offers high-end services, unaltered performance, a great uptime and dependable support making it a great choice for small businesses as well as giant corporate.

Nitin is freelance digital marketer with satisfied clients. Nitin has been in the industry for over six years and is very keen on personal service.

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