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Apex Minecraft Hosting Review: Get the Maximum Value at Minimum Prices

Reputed as one of the best Mine craft server hosting provider Apex Minecraft Hosting also provides highly efficient web hosting, dedicated servers and VPS hosting plans. If you are looking for the one-stop solutions for offering premium services to your community of any size then Apex Minecraft Hosting is the ultimate solution for you. With 100,000+ satisfied customers across the globe, the company provides extreme care and high-level proficiency to ore you the most awesome

Let us see the unbiased Apex Minecraft Hosting review to see if it the right choice for you:

So what is the takeaway?

Apex Minecraft Hosting

The first and foremost thing that comes to the mind when you invest in any good game server is what will I get for this price tag? Prices of Apex Minecraft Hosting are really the lowest but are you going to compromise on the performance delivery or quality. Absolutely not. See what you get at such cheap minecraft hosting. We bet no other provider can offer you such amazing inclusions at such low prices:

Apex Minecraft Hosting plan includes:

  • SSD Hard Drives for zero lag gaming experience
  • Infinite player slots
  • Best Mod Support (ATLauncher, Tekkit and a number of others)
  • Extensive support for plug-ins
  • State of the art premium hardware
  • Intel Xeon Process for quality performance
  • Sufficiently space of 1Gbit Network Port (low pings)
  • Unrestricted bandwidth
  • Sophisticated DDoD protection Hardware
  • Complimentary MySQL Database and sub-domains at no extra charges
  • Including Full DTP Access
  • Premium multicraft game pane
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The most awesome features of Cheap Minecraft Hosting

Next key question is- Why should I choose Apex Minecraft Hosting? So, here is the complete list of benefits you get when you buy cheap Apex Minecraft Hosting server.

Salient Features of Apex Minecraft Hosting: 

  • Instant Setup within a minute
  • 24X7 quality support on any issue
  • Redundant ecosystem to offer 99.9% Uptime
  • Machines with extensive capabilities thanks to Intel on CPU
  • Solid State Drives for lightning fast speed and reliable performance at all the times
  • Gigabit Connection for tackling any amount of traffic (inbound/outbound)
  • Reputed bandwidth providers offer maximum latency to all the nodes
  • In-house developed Control Panel for maximum performance
  • Fair pricing policy to ensure maximum Affordability
  • All Minecraft Plans Include

Extensive and 100% honest Apex Minecraft Hosting review

Now here is the full review of Apex Minecraft Hosting. We have included various parameters and evaluated the performance of Apex Minecraft Hosting on these fronts! Here’s what we discovered:

After Sales Support

One of the most important parameters to evaluate the performance of any good hosting provider is the after-sales support. Game servers have to bear a really heavy burden and even the best servers can encounter issues especially during fluctuations. So, you would definitely not like to encounter the situation where your queries are not answered properly or issues aren’t resolved properly. You cannot afford to wait for 24 hours to get the support. Support delayed is support denied. So you need a prompt and support here that promises the precise solution. On this aspect Apex Minecraft Hosting clearly shines.

International Support Ecosystem

Apex Minecraft Hosting provides a well-streamlined international support that promises you the instant assistance at the moment you need it the most no matter where you live!

Personalized Support

No two issues are same. So the best support team should be able to offer the personalized support that is customized to meet the exact needs of the clients. That is why Apex Minecraft Hosting has employed expert support officers fully capable to resolve the varied queries and issues in the best possible manner. Technically proficient, courteous and genuinely helpful the support team provides you quick and precise support that root out the problem instead of offering temporary solutions!

Server Quality

Your server is the real power that determines the performance. Cheap Apex Minecraft Hosting servers are a class apart when compared to other providers in the same bracket

Sophisticated data centers

Apex Minecraft Hosting employs the most sophisticated data centres with a distinct reputation in e hosting world. It also allows you enjoy a wider control o choose the data centers you like. There are a host of different plans that are hosted in different data centers- From chicken Plans to Ghast plans and many other plans in between. As for the RAM it is very difficult if not downright impossible to get the RAM size they offer you at such lowest price tags. What else, the recent decision of the company to adopt SSD has significantly multiplied the speed and performance with the maximum uptime for a long period of time.

Easy Administration

When we talk about the server the administration part may seem daunting to the clients especially the ones with less technical knowledge. There are a whole lot of tasks to do- updating bukkit plug-ins, managing your servers for maintaining the best performance and scaling the things that can consume a high amount of neurons and time! Thankfully Apex Minecraft Hosting takes full ownership of such issues without requiring you to go through any complicated processes.

Uncomplicated control pane

The strategic maintenance ecosystem of Apex Minecraft Hosting users their in-house developed control panel rather than standards McMyAdmin. Easy to use and intuitive this control panel comes with console, FTP client and a numbered simple yet effective administration tools. Right from Apex Minecraft Hosting login to managing the advanced features everything is simplified by this intuitive interface.

Heavy duty server

Their strong server is fuelled by premium quality hardware, high capacity specifications and stats that are really impressive- o say the least. Nothing less than Dual Xeon 5620 with 4 core+HT is used for hosting purpose. SSD drives fuel the speed and take it to eh next level. Supported by SSD disks the 4 GB RAM can offer you the best experience at the lower prices than they ask for. They are issue is uptime and ere too the company offer you the high satisfaction by preventing 99.99percent of uptime that in ideal conditions should reach 100 %!

Pricing of Apex Minecraft Hosting

The price is certainly the ultimate USP of Apex Minecraft Hosting. It is sufficient to say that their prices are simply unbeatable in the same price bracket. The maximum value at the minimum prices seems to be the major policy on which the pricing is based. What’s more you can even slash the prices by using the Apex Minecraft Hosting promo code and discount coupons that are introduced by the company from time to time.

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