What makes WHMCS the ultimate choice for hosting business of all sizes

WHMCS is truly an all-rounder billing solution specially designed for web hosting providers. It blends an entire ecosystem of domain registration, billing, client management, and support which eases the workflow of web hosting businesses of all kinds and sizes- right from individual resellers to global web hosting brands. 3 USPs of WHMCS giving it a distinct reputation in the hosting industry are convenience, scalability and support.In this guide we will understand the best benefits of WHMCS  for web hosting providers.

Along with simplifying the billing task the WHMCS also helps in managing diverse business aspects of web hosting through a single dashboard which allows them to confidently manage their entire business with a few clicks.

By simplifying the entire workflow and pulling in diverse core business aspects into a single dashboard WHMCS empowers hosting companies to channel their energy in more productive tasks like exploring new markets or client acquisition. Here are some of the major benefits of WHMCS for web hosting providers:

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Before you read this article, here is the fresh Update 2020
While most of other hosting billing systems are still struggling to catch up with WHMCS in terms of capabilities and features (even in web version), WHMCS has brought even more powerful app version- to further extend your capabilities.

That’s what we call “End of the Discussion” feature, isn’t it?

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Automated workflows and processes

One of the major challenges of billing is to struggle with numbers and calculations. You also have to make some tricky decisions like deciding if a specific account needs to be suspended or given some grace period. That’s not something a

WHMCS customer would ever experience as this nifty billing software automates the entire billing process- right from invoice generation to processing payments and even reminder settings. What’s more, you can even set your customized automation to suit your specific needs and change it anytime you wish.

Invoice generation, account creation, suspension/termination, payment processing, and reminders.

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Maximum Security
WHMCS has wisely designed its core architecture to ensure the maximum degree of security- something that most of its competitors lack- both in terms of features and scope.

Proactive alerts, and notifications keeps you aware of any suspicious activities/issues that need immediate attention while automated bans on multiple failed logins offer decent protection against brute attacks and similar hacking practices. Security being the prime concern of WHMCS, it goes an extra mile and offers quick security support through multiple mediums to tackle complicated instances. In short, you can remain assured that your mission-critical business data will be encased in a highly secured vault.

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Premium Support along with dedicated support page
One of the major reasons for the failure of most service providers is poor customer services. While talking about backend IT operations of business even a few seconds matters. Technical glitches of several minutes can leave your end customer infuriated and if remained unresolved for a few hours, it will initiate a galley of negative comments on social media. With WHMCS you wouldn’t have to struggle with such business-wrecking instances.

As any other reputed customer-oriented company, WHMCS considers customer services of paramount importance for their business. Where it shines distinctly is how practically it has designed the prompt response ecosystem. To efface technical barriers from the customer service process, WHMCS has tapped the power of social media by integrating top platforms like Facebook and Twitter for resolving client queries at light-fast speed. Of course, there is a ticket system as well and it is so simple even a non-technical person can instantly send a support request and expect a timely answer.  While many other companies offer quick-fix temporary hacks in the name of the instant solution, WHMCS makes it the point offer rapid yet reliable, sustainable solutions. For that, it harnesses the combined power of bright talent and reliable technologies.

WHMCS even has a dedicated support and customer service page to help provide more personalized support to its customers. See below (and yes, I am following themJ :

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100% transparent Billing with complete breakdown
Transparency plays a vital role in billing and can be a defining factor for vendor-client relationships. In that capacity, it can build or break your clients. Keeping this in mind, WHMCS has wisely designed a 100% transparent invoicing system where the client will get a detailed breakdown of precise services along with corresponding prices. This honest billing practice plays a strong role in rendering fair business practices and maintaining long term relations with your clients.

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Personalized billing layout to suit business needs
 Just like a letterhead, a billing template defines your branding and allows you to align with your specific business needs. So, there is no one-size-fits-all template for your billing invoice. That’s why WHMCS provides you extended control over your billing layout and fully customize it to meet your branding and business needs. Along with an assortment of templates, it also empowers you to add unique functionalities with the help of widgets. You would also get a wide choice of languages to choose from.

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Top-rated collaborations to boost clients’ business potential
To provide a larger bouquet of services WHMCS has collaborated with some of the leading industry players like hosting resellers and security providers to offer its end clients state of the art services for extending their business potential/sales. For instance, WHMCS’s collaboration with Enom and Comodo has resulted in a powerful platform for creating promo offers, special schemes, and discounts.

That’s just a single example of how this hosting billing (gentle) giant is harnessing the power of collaboration to provide avant-garde experience to its end clients. Along with the above-mentioned brands WHMCS has also collaborated with brands like Plesk, cPanel, and DirectAdmin to bake key features of billing support right into the control panel.

To help its customers enjoy prime experience WHMCS also promotes a sizeable fraternity of expert third party developers who can provide beautiful WHMCS themes that can seamlessly be integrated with this billing system. Additionally, they can also help the clients take better control over the usability aspect by providing purpose-built add-ons.

Once you have invested in WHMCS, the next thing is to purchase a theme and here many hosting providers may make a mistake. Don’t just buy any hosting theme but make sure to invest only in reliable ones categorized as WHMCS themes. Here are 3 ideal WHMCS themes from Impressive themes to choose from:

  • Simplicity: If you are a fan of minimalist design, then this is the best design to go for. Loads at lightning-fast speed and offer an awesome experience. It prompts quick decisions by eliminating distractions. Best for resellers and highly recommended for growing hosting resellers who need to pay extra attention to usability rather than fancy tit-bits.
  • Flare: A designer theme with vivid colors and a certain aesthetic value. It is fully responsive and resizes itself to different devices. An engaging design definition will encourage your customers to explore more. It will give an elite appeal and a wide luxurious visual ambiance to the corporate clients, MNCs, and global players.
  • Control: A client area layout clothed in the familiar format of the control panel that gives a familiar and intuitive look to the clients. The functionality value and balanced looks offer it a distinct yet familiar appeal. A straightforward visual journey will help your clients throughout different operations and provide them a premium experience regardless of the device they use.


Here are other WHMCS specific platforms to get assistance or knowledge regarding different WHMCS-specific issues:


Before you checkout and say Ciao, check this excellent free whmcs tools collection:

Wrapping Up….
Let’s be honest, there are several similar billing service providers in the market. Some offer decent automation and others may be cheaper (in price and quality as well.) However, no single billing solution can offer the complete power-suite of features provided by WHMCS like security, automation, multi-aspect management, ease of use, reliable support, and reasonable price. So, if you are looking for getting a decent product that is worth your price and good for your web hosting business then WHMCS is the best choice for you.

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