What is Forex Hosting and Where to Buy

Best Forex Hosting Providers: An Ultimate Guide to Choose The Best Forex Hosting Plan

What is Forex Hosting and Where to Buy

Money markets can help you gain a good profit if you trade wisely. One of the fastest growing money markets is Forex trading. Earlier limited to the huge financial organization and expert traders, the forex trading is now easily accessible for the common traders, working professionals, student’s ad even housewives. In this article, we will discuss the special infrastructure needs and concentrate on how to buy the best forex hosting plan.

What is Forex?

The full form of Forex is Foreign Exchange Trading. It is a fast-growing sector that has attracted a wide range of investors- right from colossal institutions run by expert professionals to the small individual players who are looking for some side income. The profit proposition is determined by the ever-changing rates of currency in different countries.

What is Forex Hosting?

For smooth online operations the Forex trading requires automated and sophisticated Forex trading software that has high resource needs and demands precise type of hosting that is specially architected and rationed to seamlessly cater to its changing requirements. This type of hosting is called Forex hosting.

The simplest and most direct definition of Forex is the global currency trade carried out by the investors with an objective to gain profit from the changing values.

Participants of Forex trading market and their objectives

There are massive volumes involved in this trade and the scales can be in several trillion that makes it a good option for the investors. The general participants involve:

  • Small banks
  • MNCs
  • Institutional traders
  • Hedge Funds
  • Individual Traders
  • Financial institutions like banks, etc.

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There are various objectives of the market participants. Some of the prime objectives involve:

  • Gaining from the scenario where a currency’s value is diluted
  • Businesses with multilateral trade who gains money in one nation and spends in another
  • Gaining profit by speculation based trading (buying/selling with an objective to gain profits
  • Currency value stabilization by National central banks.
  • Bringing a specific change in interest or exchange rate
  • To effectuate specific goals related to monetary policymakers engage to facilitate the activities related to forex trading and bring momentum
  • Day trading with an objective to make profits out of varying values.

The individual Forex trading is a widely popular activity in the forex sector that allows the traders to earn profits by taking strategic decisions (buying/holding/selling) just like the stock market there is an element of risk involved in the Forex trading but if the wise decision is made at the right time, then it can offer significant rewards. It needs good experience and expertise to strengthen the chances of profits from Forex trading.

What role does web hosting plays in forex trading?

The trading is conducted via online medium and thus the network and supporting resources play a vital role in forex trading.

The software used by the forex traders is broadly classified as

  • Analysis Software- Providing market data in actionable formats like charts & user-friendly data sets. It also offers actionable tips based on the changing exchange rates, latest reports, and other supporting stats.
  • Trading software- The software that acts as a bridge to link the participating entity to the financial market(s) and is instrumental in the practical trading operations.There is various trading software but the widely used type is:
  • Automated trading that facilitates trades acting as a representative of the participating entity. The market participant sets the specific trading rules that guide the actions of the automated trading software.

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What is the best web hosting plan for forex hosting?

As the speed and availability matter a lot in the online Forex trading most of the traders prefer a cloud-based VPS server instead of relying on their own individual systems. The VPS ensures resource availability while the cloud provides seamless scalability to cater to varying resource needs.

How to find best forex web hosting providers?

While multiple hosting companies offer you the plans suitable for forex hosting you need to be extremely cautious while selecting the most suitable hosting provider and plan. The budget-conscious traders may also go for less costly plans instead of exclusive packages like VPS/dedicated hosting. However, they need to be highly careful because interruptions in the hosting can cause a delay of just a few seconds but in terms of ever changing Forex market, even the milliseconds are vitally important.

What are top Forex hosting providers for 2019?

As per the latest standards, here are the top 5 forex hosting providers

1. Liquid Web

  • Price: $59
  • Billing Cycle: Monthly
  • Hosting Plan: VPS Hosting Plan

URL: www.Liquidweb.com

2. Fozzy

  • Price: $30
  • Billing Cycle: Monthly
  • Hosting Plan: Fast Forex

URL: www.fozzy.com

3. TMD Hosting

  • Price: $5.85
  • Billing cycle: Monthly
  • Hosting Plan: Summer Cloud Plan

URL: www.tmdhosting.com

As per our research the Liquid Hosting plan is the best plan for you. Though higher on the price, the plan offers you the perfect resources and scalability to smoothly carry the Forex transactions without any interruptions. The speed is good and so is the availability. Besides, the required resources are allocated seamlessly as and when required.

What are the best qualities of Forex Web hosting provider/datacenters?

  • Regional proximity is of prime value where eh speed is concerned. So choose the data centers/servers that are nearest to the financial markets. It will speed up the process and save you from the risks of latency.
  • Processing speed is another major thing to be considered as fast speed will boost the analysis process and accelerate the automated trading software to take prompt actions action it is a no-brainer that agility is the key requirement for a healthy trading
  • Net connectivity speed is extremely important as if your system has a slow connection, it will delay the processing data fetching and transactions thus hurting the momentum. Lack of momentum decreases your chances of getting rewards while making you prone to market risks. Indirectly it causes anxiety and stress that will further affect your decision quality
  • Security is of prime importance when we talk of the transactions and forex hosting plans are specifically architected to offer special security. They are designed to offer more privacy and fortify the protection with an additional thick impenetrable security wall.

What is the additional feature of Forex hosting plan?

The analysis and trading play the major role in the forex trading and that is why the ideal hosting plan for forex hosting comes with inbuilt sophisticated software packages that are architected to execute the transactions, facilitate trading and help the traders with strong and quick analysis.


Forex trading has become extremely popular among the trader’s community due to the rewards that it offers. While it is true that it does involve risks as it is based on speculations and volatility the experience, and expertise can significantly improve the chances of rears while minimizing eh risks. As forex trading is generally conducted online, the connectivity, speed, scalability, and availability are some major issues to be considered. You need a specifically designed Forex hosting plan in order to trade smoothly and quickly carry the transactions. In this article have explained in detailed major qualities to look for while choosing a specific plan for forex hosting.

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