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BigRock: Big Benefits or just a big hype?

Many small businesses wish to invest in economical web hosting plans but are concerned about the quality and support. However, some ethical web hosting companies are targeting such clients by offering the best web hosting services at low costs. BigRock is one such hosting provider that is quite popular among the clients with budget constraints. The clientele of the company includes many small businesses, start-ups and budding bloggers. Their excellent services come at a fair price tag. However, such a general statement is obviously insufficient to prove the competency of this company. So, we need to dive deeper to gain better insights. Yes, you are right! We are talking about a full-fledged, unbiased review of BigRock web hosting:

BigRock Web Hosting Plans Overview

BigRock offers different types of hosting packages to cater to varying needs of the clients. While their economical prices make them a popular choice among small businesses and start-ups, the premium quality of their hosting packages has also added some of the cream clients to their business. 5 Major hosting packages offered by BigRock include shared hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, reseller hosting and specialized hosting packages.

BigRock Shared Hosting Plan Review:

When you buy a shared hosting plan your choices are somewhat limited. Most of the providers offer you only Linux hosting in this package. Thankfully BigRock is among just a few exceptional providers that offer you the choice of Windows and Linux Hosting.

Understandably there are different price tags for Linux and Windows hosting but prices of both types are justifiable when we evaluate the features and resources.

BigRock allows you to purchase a shared hosting plan that perfectly fits your business and budget by offering you 4 different plans. Let’s first discuss the common features shared by most of these plans.

  • Unlimited space (not applicable to starter plan)
  • The option of CPanel or Plesk control panel
  • Unlimited bandwidth transfer
  • Unlimited email (not applicable to starter plan)

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Did you know that….

  • Unlimited resources: Overconsuming resources is the same as pulling the resources of other clients on the same server that will affect their site performance. So over consuming can attract penalties and in extreme cases account termination. There are signs that will tell you that your site needs a greater resource pool or more dedicated supply. In such cases, you can better upgrade hosting plans. We will talk more on this in the below paragraphs.
  • Take advantage of softalicious: BigRock offers you cPanel a sophisticated application that simplifies the process of downloading a number of popular applications and CMS like Joomla and WordPress among others. In fact. with just a few mouse clicks you can download your desired applications or CMS.

Specialized Hosting

The specialized hosting plans offer the ideal hosting ecosystem and resources that perfectly aligns with your business or hosting platform. The three options in this category include

  • Word Press Hosting
  • CMS Hosting
  • E-commerce hosting

BigRock Reseller Hosting Plan Review:

Reseller hosting packages are great for those clients who wish to start their own web hosting business but lack the infrastructure, resources and investment capital to start their business from a scratch.

Big on Hosting. Unlimited Space & Unlimited Bandwidth

  • When you buy reseller hosting plans from BigRock you enjoy the privilege to host your client’s website on Bigrock’s dynamic servers.
  • It not only saves you from heavy infrastructure expense but also helps you to provide reliable, enterprise-grade service to your end clients.
  • You agree to share some percentage of your profit with the company.
  • As a reseller, BigRock offers you 4 different options to buy the best hosting package that perfectly fits your business requirements.
  • The features of these plans vary and so does the cost. You should be careful while choosing the best plan for you depending upon your profile, target audience and objectives.

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BigRock Cloud Hosting Plan:

If you are a shared hosting client and are facing the outages then you can consider buying cloud hosting instead. These plans are less expensive than a dedicated server and offer a greater strength and reliability when compared to shared hosting packages.

  • You don’t need to share your resources with many other websites as in the case of a shared hosting plan.
  • You will be offered a dedicated pool of resources that belong exclusively to you.
  • Besides, big rock also offers you unlimited bandwidth. However, as said before you need to respect this unlimited resource. Misusing this unlimited facility will make your site slow.

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BigRock VPS Hosting Plan:

BigRock hosting offers you four differentiae’s of VPS hosting plan to buy the package that can take care of your business needs without inflating your budget.

  • Each plan offers a specific amount of resources and features that you can use on monthly basis.
  • The growing sites that start experiencing outages can get more resources by upgrading VPS hosting
  • It is worth mentioning that you would need to pay extra dollars if you want to get a cPanel. That seems quite unreasonable considering the fact that cPanel is the most widely used hosting panel.
  • Likewise, any additional features (apart from the basic ones) need to be purchased at an extra price tag.

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BigRock is certainly the best web hosting provider for the clients who are looking for top quality web hosting experience at affordable costs.  However, the features and capacities of its hosting plans make it ideal only for the businesses with reasonable resource requirements. The MNCs and corporate conglomerates may find these plans a somehow less efficient for their extensive and more specific resource demands. Besides, you are required to pay an extra cost for purchasing additional services that are generally offered free of charge by other hosting providers.

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