What is Citations and How it can help in Local SEO

There are a number of factors that can actively help in the SEO of your website. One such element is citations across different platforms. When someone makes a mention on the internet including your business name with address and contact number it is called citations. Just like the back links add to the reputation of your online business in the same manner the citation helps you to enhance the face value of your business over the net. However unlike back links the citation is not hyperlinked to your website.

In order to enjoy the best benefits of citations, you also need to keep in mind some vital points. To ensure the genuinely and credibility, there are some fair practices that need to be followed. So you should confirm that your business citation aligns with the fair policies. Here are a few things that you should know:

3 Elements (Name, Phone and Address)

One major thing to keep in the mind that for the ideal value enhancement the citation should carry the name along with the phone number and address of your business. The mention of mere name does not add much value to your business as such incomplete citation is not valued by the Google.

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Exact Match across diverse platforms

Matching business names, adders and contact number strengthen the genuineness of you business and helps the Google to verify your business. On the other hand if the description does not match across different platforms the Google more likely skips the information. In some cases the inaccurate information’s is displayed. In either case you are at the losing end. Having the matching Name, Phone and Address makes it possible for your business to be included in the SERPs. This it strengthens the chances of your business realizing the SERP benefits. The information with discrepancy generally does not offer significant benefits in your local SEO.

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Format matters a lot

The format of NAP also palsies a vital role. Generally you need a simple, plain and straightforward NAP format that could easily be categorised and does not have any exclusive elements. For the best idea, you can conduct a Google search on your local competitor that matches your business level. Check the format that they are using.

Take help of a tool

It is a good idea to employ the precision of a tool when you evaluate your NAP across different platforms. As opposed to the manual efforts, the tools offer the automated results based on specific parameters. You can seriously think about using Powerlistings Scan from This tool displays your NAP as visible across different platforms like Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Bing etc.

You don’t need to separately check your Na on different platforms. Using simple interface you can preview and edit your NAP without much efforts.

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