Complete Beginner’s Guide to Web Hosting in 2019


Who wants to build a stunning website with awesome visual features? All hands up, right! But having a great looking website is not enough. You would also need to show it to the world. That requires you to “publish” the site so that it should be transferred from your personal computer to World Wide Web so that everyone in the world with a net connection should be able to access your site. For that, you would need to buy web hosting plan.

What is web hosting Plan?

Web hosting plan allows you to publish your site on World Wide Web. When you purchase web hosting plans your website is given a place on their system called server.

Once your plan is activated your website will be available for the global users. All they have to do is to type your site’s URL in their browser and your hosting provider’s server will automatically be notified that would start a process so that your site should be loaded in the browser from where the request has been received. This “Process” is rather tricky and doesn’t take more than a very few blinks of eyes. But thankfully you don’t have to do anything manually. So, in short, you hire web hosting services to:

  • Get a space on hosting company’s server
  • Use the resources as per your plan like RAM, storage space, bandwidth etc.
  • Your site’s performance would be decided by different resources like RAM, Hard Disk, etc.
  • Make your website accessible via the internet on any system or device with an active data connection.
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We can compare it to your handset where:
Your handset = Your website
Web Hosting Plan= SIM Card
Bandwidth = Bandwidth
Subscription Fees = Recharge Card

It is just like buying a sum and recharges it periodically so that you can use your handset to call across the globe.

Note: Many clients, especially beginners, would get their site hosted on the personal server of their friends or colleagues while others would rather rely on their web designers. But it is a wrong practice.

  • While it may help you to get complimentary or cheap web hosting but it is not managed by the professional team or monitored by sophisticated technologies. Power cut, outages or lack of management can result in downtime thus preventing your site to reach to your global audience.
  • What if the relations turn sour in the future? Your site (or the key of your digital company) will be jeopardized. 

    Go for reputed web hosting companies always

    You have to pay through your nose if you want to buy premium hosting packages from reputed web hosting companies, right? Absolutely wrong (well Almost!) The competitive nature of the market has compelled many reputed providers to vie with their competitors for selling cheapest web hosting plans. However, t remain on the safer side you would like to buy economical web hosting plans with pretty decent features and resources

    • Providers with a good reputation are large enough to hire best web professionals and sophisticated technology to offer you the best website performance guarantee
    • They follow the streamlined process on a regular basis to ensure that your site should not get any issued and even if it does, they resolve it instantly
    • These hosting providers have a large team of in-go sue support system. You can contact them online or offline- anytime round the clock and expect a prompt and precise support

    Avoid new companies

    We don’t have anything against the new web hosting companies. However, if you go through the reviews you will understand in most of the cases they lack the required ecosystem needed to offer the best web hosting services. They might sell cheap web hosting plans but fail to offer even the amount of resources required for average performance. Additionally, they also lack the premium support quality. You would probably not like to experience frequent downtimes or going through other technical bottlenecks without being able to get an active support.

    Monitoring software performance, updating the software etc.




    Buy Managed hosting plans if you have a comfortable budget. Managed hosting takes care of all the requirements of your website as well a server.

    • The company will offer you dedicated staff for expert advice

    • Your site will also be monitored and maintained through sophisticated automated technologies. .

    • However, when you buy an unmanaged server you need to be involved in software managing, maintaining, installing/updating various technical applications like Apache, etc. You would be solely responsible for all your technical maintenance requirements.

    3 types of web hosting: A brief evaluation

    Shared Hosting

    When you buy shared hosting you pay lower prices because many websites are hosted on some server you also have to share the resources like Ram, space etc. So there is no privacy and you won’t get a good security either/ Go for it if you have just started your online journey.

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    VPS Hosting

    Buy VPS Servers and enjoy high scalability and an enhanced privacy level as your site will get a separate virtual environment. You will also get the faster speed and more resource control. Your site still shares the common server used by other clients. However, you will get the separate virtual environment and resources.

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    Dedicated server

    Get a private island when you buy a dedicated server. Apart from the resources, you will also get the hardware. So you get complete privacy and maximum security. Also you now have full access to your resources.

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    After reading this guide on web hosting tips, different plans and other details, you should be able to buy best web hosting plan for business or personal use. However, it is strongly recommendable that you should go for one on one expert advice by reputed companies before you make a purchase.

Nitin is freelance digital marketer with satisfied clients. Nitin has been in the industry for over six years and is very keen on personal service.

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