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Definition of Blogger – Points to be Asked if You do Blogging

Let me commit first, below post is not completely mine. I was on Facebook and found below post, which somehow woke me up and when i asked few things to myself i came to reality that i am dependent on other from content point of view.

Post is around blogging and making money through it. If you want to make money through blogging then you have to ask some questions to yourself lets discuss all the points:

1. Are you a full-time blogger?? Do you write 1000 words daily ?? Do you even write? If answers are no, ask yourself why ??
2. What is content length of articles you write, do you write article having at-least 1000 words?
3. Is your article is good enough form user point of view? Ask any friend if he/she wants to read the blog?

4. how do you choose topic for your article?

5. Are your creative? do you create featured image for your blog post?

6. Do you do internal linking? Do you build contextual links internally?

7. Do you share your articles with niche influencer through any medium? do you even tried?

8. have you tried to run facebook ads to your blog?

9. have you tried to build links for your blog by outreaching? is your written content powerful enough?

10. Do your blog have functionality for an email opt-in form?

11. Do you send newsletter and latest posts to your subscribes?

12. Do you maintain frequency for newsletters?

13. How many guest posts you have published till now? What are the numbers?

14. Have your created infographic by your own or asked someone ?

15. Have you run infograph outreach campaign? how many are live?

16. DO your blog have any ebook/guide for your readers?

17. have you tried to build links for your blog ?

18. Have you asked your friends or relatives for a referral link? Did you get any link?

19. have you answered on Q&A websites? How many up-votes do you have?

20. Do you read articles on other digital marketing blogs or have you stopped?

21. Do you see tutorial on youtube or participate on handouts ?

22. Do you run experiment on your blog? Do you implement case studies you read online?

23. How many hangouts you participate till now? Do you ask questions?

24. Do you need any Godfather to survive?

25. Do you attend local events or meets up ? How many have you attended?

26. Are you social enough? what is size of your friend list?

27. How many emails or chats do you do on daily basis (productive only)?

28. Are you an admin of any social media group or do you lead any local event?

29. Do you get respect on social media, meetups by your followers ?

30. Are you giving anything useful to blogger community?

31. Do blogger community people know your existence?

32. Are you happy with money you are making

33. What above questions makes you feel?

When you read these points, some new points must came in your mind. Do share those points in comments, I will include in the post.

Anuradha Agarwal
A creative blogger and founder of Falcon Web Solutions. Graduate in commerce (landed in Blogging.)

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