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A guide to developer-friendly hosting + review of an ideal provider

Easy and quick onboarding, cheap plans, and support are a few requirements for hosting general websites. However, when we talk about developer-specific websites, the concerns are different and so are the requirements. As a developer, you are under constant pressure to deploy the websites without delays and work with multiple frameworks. Several other factors influence your professional potential as a developer. In this blog we will talk about some of the important factors to consider while selecting the best web hosting plans for developers:

While evaluating the best web hosting services for developers, I prioritized the following criteria:

Sufficient resource 

Sufficient resources this is a prerequisite for running your development projects confidently. Database-driven apps and sophisticated applications are highly demanding in terms of CPU, RAM, Storage, Bandwidth, and other key resources. Many companies shrink resources to cut down costs. For developers, it turns out to be a “costly saving idea” as lack of resources translates to interruptions and delays that means piled up projects, unhappy clients and even cancellations.



 While having many resources multiplies your income capacity, you just cannot use the entire volume all the time. So think like a businessperson and cut down the unproductive costs by choosing PAYG (pay as you go) model where you can instantly scale up the resources for bigger projects and scale them down for smaller ones. It ultimately helps in maintaining cost efficiency.

Pre-installed Developer Frameworks 

 As a developer you don’t have knowledge challenges but manual installation consumes much of your time and effort. It is better to go for packages with pre-configured resources like PHP, PERL, MySQL, Python, etc. It saves time to market and helps you onboard quickly- almost instantly.

Debugging support 

Debugging support is certainly a vital feature for any development-friendly web hosting package. If your hosting provider doesn’t offer debugging support then better to look for another one.



As a developer, you are also responsible for the security of your clients’ sites and apps that you are working on. Make sure that the provider offers sophisticated security tools and virtualization architectures. Double-check these features if you are investing in a shared hosting plan that tends to be more prone to intrusions.



24X7 Availability is extremely important for you as a developer. A few moments of downtime can because you hassles spoil your project and cost you a client. So make sure that your hosting provider not only offers maximum uptime but also backs it with a service license agreement.

Experience, Reputation, and reliability 

Age, experience, and reputation are 3 major criteria to be considered while selecting the right web hosting company for your development projects. As a developer, your business performance is highly influenced by your web hosting quality. You wouldn’t be able to fulfill your promises and meet revenue targets if the hosting company doesn’t offer performance consistency or high speed.

Depending upon the key factors one of the hosting companies that stands out the competition is AlwaysData. Regardless of the server configuration preferences of program language choices, the AlwaysData offers uniformly efficient performance across the varied real-time scenario.


Here is a quick introduction and review:



Always data is a powerful hosting ecosystem package especially architected for developers. This French Web Hosting company has the advantage of having strong roots in related projects including mailing, content management software, and other relevant resources. It has allowed the company to achieve a wholesome growth. Due to its keen focus on technological values, Alwaysdata had acquired a distinguished reputation across diverse technical fraternities- right from Python to PHP and Ruby.

  After gaining a firm grip on different development projects Alwaysdata ventured into sophisticated web hosting solutions architected for developers. Right from the number of resources to technical nuts and bolts and extended controls, the company has left no stone unturned to deliver a unique developer-focused web hosting solution that is available in different packages and pricing to meet diverse requirements and budget criteria. Being a developer-centric hosting solution provider the company accommodates and integrates the latest technologies into its architecture. The support is quick and the team is remarkably efficient in resolving even tricky issues. It offers intuitive interfaces focused on minimizing efforts and time to help the developer complete their projects quickly, reduce time to market, and achieve their revenue targets in time. Along with its home country France, ALwaysdata has achieved a resounding success across other regions including but not limited to China, Russia, US, Canada, Brazil, and others.


Quick start 

 This bespoke platform for developers allowing them to start within 30 seconds and offer them diverse options like coding, deployment, hosting, sunning, secure, monitoring and backup.


Coding choice flexibility 

The developers can code their apps with their preferred language and Alwaysdata will make it available online.


  • Python
  • Java
  • Ruby
  • PHP
  • NodeJS
  • Go
  • Elixir
  • Apps hosting
  • Scala




  Latest version of powerful database engines including MariaDB and PostgreSQL; or NoSQL engines like MongoDB and CouchDB- for most reliable hosting of your data

Emails support

  Easy mailbox setup with sophisticated admin/security features like advanced rules for antispam, and sieve filtering, quick storage with any time, anywhere access option through Start TLS, Webmail, and latest protocols.


  Over 700 TLDs to register your domain name

Easy process

Signing up is quick, easy, and free. It will offer you a service preview. When needed, you can upgrade to the premium plan hassle-free.


  The users will get a complete API for remote navigation of their accounts with zero hassles and every key feature already included in their hosting plan. 


  The automated Let’s Encrypt Certificate generation makes your websites HTTPS- the Google and buyers;-friendly secured version that encrypts the submitted data thus securing the sensitive information (payment card, social security number, etc.) against being stolen and misused through data-in-transit attacks. It builds trust among buyers and encourages them to buy your services/products through digital payment methods.

Daily Backups

  The daily backup feature makes sure that all the databases, files and emails are automatically stored in your home folder for a month.

 SSD Based 

  SSD-based solutions provides you up to 300% faster speed to work on complicated projects without any interruptions or speed/connectivity issues. This speed/performance benefit applies to every solution including e-mails, databases, web servers, etc. High speed and consistent performance facilitate the smooth development process and timely project completion thus keeping your clients happy.




To enjoy a reliable developer-friendly hosting experience, you need to be highly careful while finding the right company. In this blog, we mentioned the key features of a developer-friendly web hosting plan and also presented a brief review on one of the famous developer-friendly web hosting providers. The readers are advised to use their discretion before making the final buying decision. 



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