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5 Futuristic Changes and Trends in Digital Marketing

The competition in the digital arena is getting fierce and
businesses really need to invest great efforts to survive in the
market. Digital marketing is a powerful tool that helps people in
this objective. However, digital marketing keeps on changing
and evolving.

Here are the best upcoming digital marketing
practices that will redefine its future:

Why to Invest in Instagram

Instagram is registering very positive growth in organic reach. It
is no longer just a community channel used by the bloggers and
photo enthusiasts. Even the businesses are using Instagram to
widen their reach and impact. Last year the businesses that
were most active on Instagram experienced really high growth
in the digital arena.


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Wondering how can you use Instagram for your business? Here
are a few suggestions that may help:

  • Create an Instagram account and start adding followers
  • Create engaging Instagram stories to share with your followers
  • Use Platforms like IGTV and Instagram Live for an interactive presentation
  • Instruct your SEO for content marketing on Instagram
  • Make Instagram friendly blog posts and share them
  • After getting fairly acquainted with Instagram start with Instagram ads

Marketing with Messenger

Last year saw the social media giant Facebook indirectly
discouraging the people from overburdening their pages with
tons of content with an objective to widen their reach. On the
positive side, the Facebook Messenger broadcasting is
registering an optimistic growth. On an average, out of every 2
people, at least 1 is more likely to open your broadcast

So, learning the art and science of Facebook
Messenger broadcast message can help you leverage your
business benefits.

  • Instead of sending gated content with a mandatory information submission, use
    face book messenger broadcast to prevent annoying your readers
  • Make sure that the content is current and relevant to your field
  • Learn the right use of chatbots to help in the above-mentioned objective. Botsify, ChatFuel, and ManyChats are 3 such chatbots
  • Notify your followers about the latest events and remind them occasionally
  • Strategically build a messenger ad plan
  • Replace the old customer service practices and use FB messenger to communicate with them

Advertise to Businesses and corporate clients

The B2B brands should seriously think about using Linked In
both or organic reach as well as reaching potential leads
through Ads. In fact, the new avatar of Linked In ads dashboard
is friendly, uncomplicated and intuitive. The ad costs to have
bee reduced.

So using Linked In for building corporate reach is
another important strategy to follow to lead the race and leave
the competitors behind.

  • Make a professional Linked in Profile for your business highlighting the Brand
    and USP
  • Post relevant updates related to your business but don’t overdo the things. Just an occasional relevant post is fine
  • Connect with influencers and share your most important updates with them to get an organic reach
  • Use Linked in Ads with a clear strategy

WhatsApp: the new marketing approach

Facebook acquired WhatsApp for a whopping $19 Billion! It
clearly shows the latent potential of WhatsApp. It is good that
this latent potential is fast being materialized as the people
across the world use WhatsApp messages to find and connect
with the audience. Now Facebook seems to start gaining the
benefit out of WhatsApp potential.

There are strong speculations n h digital community that the Facebook Ads will
start offering a WhatsApp us button (CTA) to help people quickly send a WhatsApp to the business:

  • Start your WhatsApp account
  • Start building a relevant community over your WhatsApp
  • Keep in touch with your followers and post important updates on an occasional
    basis. Make sure that it should not annoy the people
  • Build a strong WhatsApp Story Ads strategy and for a better impact include media like video and audios
  • Be innovative in presentations as well as content

    Tell your brand story

The boring business description has become to be a thing of
the past. Tell your brand story and present it in the most
engaging manner. Use the inspirational language and exhibit
best storytelling style with the right flow and format. Hire a
professional storytelling expert with the proven track record
and use his skills to broadcast your story to the world and
connect more people with you!

  • Brands will have to invest in a storyteller with great mobile level editing skills to
    constantly engage their audience instantly.
  • People love to hear about the personality and not products. So emphasize on the
    initial challenges and opportunities, milestone success and the first big break
  • Present your business philosophy
  • Encourage people to read your story
  • Avoid keyword stuffing, or including latest offers/services etc. in your brand story
  • Add media like video an images for enhancing the impact of your story.


    Every year digital marketing experiences major and minor
    changes. The strategies that made your site a hit during the last
    year may have lost their appeal by now. So it is always best to
    identify the latest trends and techniques of digital marketing. In
    this blog, we have discussed 5 best futuristic digital marketing
    trends that will rule this New Year!

Nitin is freelance digital marketer with satisfied clients. Nitin has been in the industry for over six years and is very keen on personal service.

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