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How To Add A Store To WordPress?

In the beginning, WordPress was considered as the best solution for the bloggers. However with the time the wordpress started increasing its functionalities with the help of updated versions, add-ons, etc. and today it is known as one of the most important platforms not only for bloggers but for the businesses too. In fact, many bloggers are able to sell the products as well.

So today we will present a guide on how to add the store to your word press theme so that you can start selling the products:

  • First, you need to get the second version of Word Press installed on this same domain name, Login to your hosting account using the login credentials.     
  • After clicking on the button icon of “WordPress Simple Scripts” install it on the subdirectory
  • For example if the URL of the primary (existing) WordPress site is “”
  • In such case, the second version of the word press can be installed on the subdirectory (or store)
  • As you do this the wordpress simple script will automatically install the second version of the WordPress acting as subdirectory Once the installation is completed you will be prompted to save the credentials. If you are not on a shared computer then it is advisable to save the credentials for the easy operations.
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Installing WooCommerce plug-in in the store WordPress admin

  • Using the login credentials enter the admin area of your ECommerce WordPress.

For Woo commerce installation to add store on wordpress

  • Go To Plugin and click on Add New
  • Search for WooCommerce and then install and activate the plug-in
  • Once the plug-in is installed and activated you can create the woo commerce pages
  • Now you need to upload your woocomemrce theme that is an easy, quite intuitive process. Once uploaded you can activate it
  • Now as the major part of the foundation is completed you need to go through a key procedure that is uploading and adding your products and modifying the site to align with your branding requirements. You also need to test your site to check its practical viability.
  • The entire process quite intuitive and you can easily add the products to it
  • Once you have set up your eCommerce site, you now need to link the main WordPress site and woocomerce shop. Multiple methods can be used to link these two sites. However, it is best to stick to the simplest way.
  • You can use the custom menus on your word press site and add a shop link to the top navigation bar.
  • The second way is to go to the widgets section in your WP admin and add a link to the sidebar

For the installation of E-commerce word press plug-in

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard and look for add new plug-in
  • There search for woo commerce and start the installation process
  • Once you have activated it you will see a dialogue box asking you to install a woo commerce assisted by a wizard that will that you to a visual streamlined journey through the initial setting. If you really want to have an easy experience ether says yes
  • There are several pages in the woo commerce like
  • Shop page that displays the products
  • Cart Page or the clients to fill their cart or choose the items they wish to buy
  • The checkout page is the page where your clients can make the payment
  • My Account It shows the complete account details of you registered users and also allow them to manage or modify the details
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Maintaining Pages

  • After you have created the page it will manage from the admin dashboard available on the pages screen. You have the control to decide the pages that can be shown on your website and for that, you need to go to the appearance> menu
  • Some of the vital pages for the woocomerce for the smooth functioning is Shop, cart etc. the wizard can automatically install this thing and it is better to go ahead that without modifying anything as you are always able to make any modifications in the future
  • You will see a form asking the key questions regarding your location of residence and other easy questions. Fill in the required information and then click on yes to advance ahead
  • Next, you will be asked about your shipping information. Though it’s vital information you can use the general information for now and can change it later.
  • Next is the payment. For the smooth journey through wizard you can choose Papal as your preferred method of payment. Of course, you can change it any time you need.

Design or layout information  

  • You will then be taken to the layout or design section where you can see a number of different designs. The default theme is storefront theme and for the sake of simplicity and you can choose this
  • So you have successfully installed woo commerce Then go to the Create your first product page, While you can explore the options to add with the same you may wait before you can add some products. It will also give you a visual direct idea of how your page looks like. Also, use this step to recheck your URL structure. Also, check at your WordPress can integrate easily with the woocommerce facility
  • Now spot the woocomerce link on your dashboard and then click on woo commerce then click on setting and select products
  • Woocomerce requires a product archive age where the different products of your business are archived
  • The default name is Shop Page but can edit the name to your desired name
  • If you are rather looking for a simple theme then you can go for the default themes of WordPress
  • Go to themes and then click on Add new
  • Under the woo commerce link in your dashboard menu you can go to the settings and then click on the general tab
  • Here you can control various settings but most of the setting are already set by default to make your journey easier
  • Next tab is system status section. All the technical information associated with your account is available here and you can know about memory, version number etc.
  • The tools tab comes with the key tools that can allow you to reset the store. It is best not to use as it can change your store and if you are not an expert at the woo themes then you can have a difficult time
  • Then head to the woo commerce extensions that extend you controls and takes the functionality to the next level
  • Here too can choose the plug-ins that you can add to the woo commerce for the extended benefits

Important things to remember

  • One thing to remember here is that not all themes can handle the Woodmere so ensure that your theme can easily integrate and handle the same. The best solution is to go to the woo themes theme where you can find awesome these that are fully compatible with WordPress, However you need to pay for the same

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