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How to Earn From Blog? Blogging Guide

Blogging is fast emerging as one of the fastest growing career options. At one point of time it was regarded as the digital notebook where you could write your ideas and share it with the world. However, the definition has expanded in the last few years. Your blog is not only limited to a digital notebook but has also graduated to become your cashbook as well. The monetization opportunities share increasing at a great speed and promise to turn your blog into a revenue generation machine provided it contains the awesome content.

Making a living from writing cannot get easier. However a blog is not a quick money magic machine. You need to create awesome content, useful informational and more importantly follow the best guidelines to make your blog eligible enough to earn a continuous stream of income through ads, affiliate links and or guest posts. Assuming that you are good at writing (and that’s probably why you are reading this pos) we are presenting a few steps on how to make your bog eligible to earn good money:

Step 1: Choose The Right Platform

Weebly, Wix and several other website builders also offer dynamic functionalities to design your blogging site but if you want to start a professional Blog Website that earns a stable income, the name of WordPress intuitively flashes in the mind. There is reason for that.

Word press is not only a user-friendly CMS for bloggers but also helps them to extend their capacities by offering tons of WP plug-ins and supporting even the third party plug-in that boost the performance and capacities of the bloggers. Besides the introduction Woocommerce has made Word press all the more appealing to the enterprising bloggers who wish to venture beyond just ad sense and affiliate links. WooComemerce allows them to sell items on their blogs by incorporating ecommerce features to it without losing its real appeal!

  • It would be interesting to note that as many as 500 different websites are created on WordPress platform every single day! It shows the popularity of Word press across the globe. Talking in terms of percentage, as many as 26% of the sites are created on word press
  • If in a very rare case, you don’t happen to be a big fan of word press you may also consider bloggers- anther blogging platform by Google.
  • If you just need a basic blog that doesn’t require you to have any specific technical knowledge then you can sign upon While you don’t need technical expertise, you will get a basic blog with secondary URL name like You will get a limed supply of resources and basic features
  • If you require a wider menu of sophisticated features and want to enjoy a better control of your blogging brand then it is advisable to sign up on It offers you a massive supply of professional themes, plug-in and sophisticated functionality. For hat you would need to purchase web hosting plan
  • While installing word press on any hosting plan is possible, the ease of installation process makes the real difference. Some providers offer optimized infrastructure that makes it extremely easy to install word press. Their pro-word press approach goes beyond installation and they also provide WordPress hosting plans that take care of the specific word press requirements.
  • If you need more specific services then it is advisable to buy managed word press hosting packages that takes almost full care of your word press website- installation, technical maintenance, updates and more.
  • B2evolution is a sophisticated tool that comes with extensive features including but not limited to analytics, digital marketing and SEO tools. The best thing is that all these functionalities are available in its core codes. So, basically don’t have to be dependent upon the third party add-ons that may pose or increase security risk to your bogging site. It would be interesting to know the while b2evolution is not as popular as Word press it is also an offspring of the same project that gave birth to WordPress!
  • If you wish to use b2evolution for creating your blogs and want to buy best hosting plan for blogging ecosystem then you can seriously think about using site ground hosting.
  • If you need to buy web hosting package that supports b2evolution users, then invest in site ground hosting. When you purchase Site ground hosting plan you will not only get a freedom in name and email but will also be offered b2evoluton installations via Softalicious.
  • The plan offers you a complete speed boosting ecosystem including SSD storage and content delivery networks. The lightening fast speed of your site will offer a pleasant user experience to majority of our audience including the ones who are accessing your site on their model deice while on the go!

Step 2: How to Gain a Tentative Experience

Wix allows you to enjoy web hosting as well as relevant tools for build and running your blog on a very basic level. You will be offered 500 mb storage that translates to a very, very basic environment. Its site builder allows you to build blog using simple drag and drop features. You will also be give a domain but it will be a secondary URL.

  • So this is obviously not something that you would like to use in the long run as a professional blogger.
  • However, if you just like to have the tentative experience of how the things like domain, hosting environment and site building techniques work then Wix could be the best tentative option to gain an experience before you move on to the self hosted blog.
  • If wix wins your heart then you can continue using this platform and upgrade to a premium accounts that is priced between $ 5 to 25

Step 3: Invest in a good design

The presentation of your blog plays a vital role in attracting the visitors. Your blogging platform is your digital lounge where you showcase innovative ideas, share awesome content and connect with your global audience, however the very first things is to make sure that your digital showroom is designed nicely. So, invest in a good website design for your blog.

  • While many drag and drop website builder claim to turn you into an overnight designer, you need to remember that they will basically ease the technicalities for you. However, you need a good amount of creativity and designing skills to make a good, professional and brand able website design.
  • You may think of hiring a professional web designer but good web designers are generally expensive and quite unaffordable for first time loggers
  • You can buy premium themes from platforms like envato. Here you can select from a wide range of professional themes that are fully customizable to align with your brand and business. The prices are much cheaper than hiring a web designer and paying them for every modification.

Step 4: Learn bogging for money(If Required)

It may sound a bit strange but it is completely true. You can actually learn blogging. Here we don’t mean the nuance of writing or adding creative juices to the written words. While you may be great at writing awesome content, it would look difficult for you to turn your daily blogging activity into an earning opportunity. There are number qualified writers running their own blog without earning enough to pay their bills. At the same time, a handful of bloggers with average writing skills have launched their own business empire earning thousands of dollars per month. How come?

  • They apply strategic approach and carefully weigh the investment involved and profits that are expected. It helped them to take weighed, measured step with less efforts and more success.
  • Many such bloggers share their knowledge and real life examples to teach you the basics of blogging strategically to turn your passion into business and earn good revenue out of it
  • You can select and buy blogging courses online from a number of online tutorial sites.
  • It is advisable to make a checklist based on the points discussed in the course and update the same on a regular basis
  • Listen, follow and repeat are three major keywords that depict your learning journey
  • Try to quantify your milestones in terms of money earned, time invested and efforts that will prove efficiency of your efforts and allow you to measure the RoI

Step 5: Multiply the Impact

Our brain gets different impressions when the same thing is presented in different manners and formats. This is why the children books are stuffed with a number of images. Also the alphabet book seems to give more importance to the pictures than to the letters or words. It is simply because the combination of a specific word and a related picture leave a greater impact on their mind thus making the learning process easier. Fast forward to mature age. The written words sound more impressive and strong when spoken by an able speaker. The video presentations are even much more impressive.

  • In order to enhance the impact of your blog you can think of creating you tube videos based on your content.
  • The video easily attract the attention, keeps the audience amused and are really engaging due to there live real time futures.
  • While some bloggers can successfully turn their blog content into video presentations, many of them are not confident of their presentation style, voice quality or pronunciation
  • Thankfully today there are a number of premium tools and techniques that will automatically turn your blog into video
  • By sharing such videos on social media sites, especially face book video you can expect to multiple the impacts and traffic your content

Step 6: Publicity

You might have created an awesome bog with a very good content but until or unless you publicise it, it will be really difficult to attract the traffic. At one point of time publicizing a blog was difficult process due to limited options. Thankfully today it has become much easier to publicise your log in relatively less period of time using the best combination of paid and organic methods. Besides there are specific platforms where you can just add your log’s URL to get it found.

  • Regular posting on the social media keeps on adding fresh oxygen to your bog allowing it to thrive and earn a great reputation among its peers.
  • Most importantly it keeps you connected with your existing fans and even helps to attract more people
  • Don’t forget to post the awesome images of your blog and share the picture stories on pinterest and instagram to leave an instant visual impact
  • Some of the platforms like feed burner allow you to gain a good amount of exposure by simply entering your blog URL
  • Don’t just write the blog post and abandon it. Try to invite comments by actively requesting for feedbacks. In fact if you would check the blogs of the famous bloggers you can find the comment series that seems to be infinitely long.
  • More comments show that more people are actively interested in our blog and interact with it
  • Make a strong bond with other loggers in the industry as such bonds will not only help you gain the unbiased professional opinion on your blogging pros and cons but will also help you gain more traction and learn new skills
  • Last but not the least digital marketing is simply indispensable. You might try your best to gain maximum digital publicity but cannot compete with the focused and collective efforts of digital marketing agency that help you get better results in sorter period of time


Blogging allows you to share you passion, thoughts and creative ideas with a vast majority of online audience. However, in the recent times it has emerged as one of the most popular and rewarding career options as many bloggers are successfully earning a decent income with the help of their blogs. One thing to remember here is that it takes a long time and strategic process to make your blog profitable. This blog talks about various ways in which you can make a blog that leaves the best impact.

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