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How to start your blog and earn regularly?

You are reading this blog because most probably you want to know how you can earn money from home via your blogs. That seems like an easy task and we have a number of established writers earning an awesome 6-figure month on month just by blogging. But scratch the silver lining and you will see that it is not as easy as it might seem to be. You have to know about the various techniques to start blogging. For example, you need to know the best topics to start a blog. Then you need to know how to market your blog. Most importantly you should also have a deep knowledge on how to monetize your blog and get the long-term benefits. So this post will cover the major topics like how to conceptualize a blog topic best place to start a blog and key tops to earn through your blog.

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How to start a blog?

  • Choose the topic that interests you the most and you can spend hours writing on it without feeling fatigue. Always remember the blog is all about enjoying what you do instead of forcing yourself doing something that you don’t enjoy.
  • Keep yourself updated about the latest happenings in the field on which you are blogging. Gain as much knowledge as possible and offer the informative posts.
  • Don’t just scratch the surface but dig deep into the topics that you write about. Ensure that the people should leave your blog with a smile not with a sigh

Best site to start a blog

While starting your blog you need to select the best website that can offer you the robust platform, easy functionality features, uncompromised security and lots of templates to choose from. Some of them are free while others are premium blogging platforms as they charge you to use their hosting services.

Best blog hosting sites

1. WordPress

As an open source platform the WordPress offers you the powerful infrastructure to start your Blog. In fact, Word Press is the most preferred platform for most of the top bloggers in India and abroad. As a self-hosted solution, the Word Press required you to get yourself registered with a WordPress hosting provider in order to offer the best user experience to your readers.

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  • With Word Press, you will get a wide control over numerous aspects of your website offering you the extended control.
  • You also have the option to add a wide number of blog-friendly features that help you interact better with your audience and keep them engaged.
  • Besides, you will also be able to add the functions that can help you to commercialize your blog. Some features that you will get include. For instance online store, forums or memberships!


  • You would have to go through a learning curve to learn how to manage your site and take the best benefits out of word press features
  • You will be solely responsible for backing up your website and practicing the best security guidelines

2. Wix

Wix is another best place to start a blog. It comes loaded with a number of user-friendly features and the best thing is that you can also be able to start your own company blog for the better digital benefits. It is a hosted blog and you will also get an option to add the wix app to your company’s site so that you can manage the bogging on our own and offer the better content to the visitors of your site


  • There are tons of templates that allows you to select the best look for your website
  • Building your site is easy with graphical tools that you can pick and position as per your requirements.
  • Any further need for functionality is perfectly taken care of by extra plugging and there are lots o them


  • The Wix website displays ads to the free accounts that can interfere with your banding and may also alter the user experience
  • You will get a restricted access to third-party Apps
  • There aren’t too many features for e-commerce functionalities

3. Blogger

Blogger is a Google company that offers you the purpose-specific ecosystem to create your blog and run it smoothly, especially if you are a non-technical person then. Blogger offers you the exquisite way to publish your blogs enhance its appeal and edit the design as per your requirement without touching the least of coding


  • It is absolutely free to use Blogger
  • There is no learning curve involved and even the non-technical clients can start making awesome blogs on blogger
  • Being a Google company it comprises the dynamic structure based on the strong foundation


  • You will get the most basic blogging tools
  • There are a few design options available and the quality isn’t really good or impressive.
  • So creating a professional looking blog may be a difficult task

4. Tumblr

If you are looking for microblogging options that are on a trend nowadays the Tumblr offers you the best platform for the same. It offers you a decent number of tools to connect with other bloggers or share your own.


  • Tumblr takes simplicity to the next level and it is super easy to work on tumbler
  • Having inbuilt social media buttons help you to quickly share the bog and connect with your fans
  • Tumbler is loaded with the features that help you to compose and publish the blogs GIFs images and videos super quickly


  • Tumblr offers you a small inventory of features and you cannot expand it even in the future when your blog grows
  • Though you will have an access to numerous themes in Tumblr the access to additional functionalities or tools is not possible
  • For backing up of your blog or using the feature of importing it to another platform you have to go through a complex procedure that is not feasible for non-technical clients

5. Medium

Medium is a huge community that comprises of writers, qualified journalists, authors and proficient subject writers. It is really easy work on mediums and if you don’t have too many demands then medium can be the best solution for your blog


  • You don’t even have to set up a medium for being able to use it so it helps you to a prompt start
  • You will have the better item to reach the target audience that help you to have a focused impact
  • You will not have to divert your attention to the designing part and can concentrate on run writing


  • You will get a very basic set of branding features as medium doesn’t have any options for design
  • Your audience actually belong to medium
  • It is not possible to run ads on your medium blog and gain commercial benefits

Should I go for a free hosting or buy premium blog hosting plans?

If you are a new blogger then free blog hosting is the best option for you. There is no point in spending a significant amount on hosting as you still are on your initial journey and may change the plan or modify it in the near future. Sometime you might totally abandon the idea of continuing with the blog due to several reasons that you might encounter. In that case, the money spend on your blog hosting is totally wasted. Some of the best places to get free hosting include Blogger,, and Tumblr

However there are some limitations when you use the free blog hosting like:

  • Inability to extend your control
  • You cannot claim the total ownership of your blog
  • Free blogs generally don’t have the required infrastructure and that affect ranking
  • You will get a limited inventory of designing
  • Many if not the most of the free web hosting run their ads on your blog that can hurt your own brands

Self hosting blogs/Best blog hosting sites at economical rates

Apart from the above there are a number of sites that host your blog at economical rates and offer you the premium services. Here are a few of them:

1. A2 Hosting:

When we talk of paid blog hosting the name of A2Hosting generally tops the list because it’s recommended by large number of top bloggers with the global reputation. The company perfectly blends the simplicity as well as the additional benefits that offer you the complete package of services required t run a blog successfully

Salient Features

  • You will get round the clock sport for any technical glitches, setup queries etc. you can
  • connect via different option like char, phone or ticket
  • You won’t have any hard time installing word press as Blue host offers you the single click installation facility

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2. MilesWeb

Two of the major qualities of milesweb that makes it the best premium hosting provider for your blogs are the strong server and excellent quality. In fact, if you want to keep your users happy and engaged then milesweb is the best option for you as it promises the fast speed, greater stability amen uncompromised security!

Salient Features

  • Besides, the customer experts of the company have a deep knowledge and are helpful. Get the quick and precise support whenever you want.
  • The company offers you the comfortable bandwidth to support the growing g traffic of your blog
  • Affordable pricing make this site best option for the beginners

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