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Renovate Your Website Content In 2019 For The Maximum Benefits

There are many people who spend openhandedly on designing an enticing website. However, many of them fail to realize the tangible benefits even after the repeated efforts. So, if you were not able to realize any tangible benefits out of your exquisite website in 2017 then we have good news for you in 2018. Designing a great website is the first step towards online success. However, you need to have the premium content in order to realize the maximum benefits. Here are a few content tips that can help you get maximum benefits out of your website in 2018:

Go For Insightful Detailed content

The Google has methodologies and technologies to differentiate between the shallow content and valuable, insightful content. In fact there are some studies backing the fact that the valuable content across the same category is getting more exposure on Google as compared to the shallow content.


  • Apart from the quality the volume is also taken into consideration and it is estimated that in order to rank high on the competitive keywords your articles should be 2000 words or more.
  • H1 Tag: Don’t use more than once in your content (i.e., in Title Tags)
  • Title – This is the prime eye catcher and hence decides the click through rate of your content by attracting the audience and encouraging the audience to read your posts.
  • Meta Description and URL: Meta description should be short, crisp and carry the wholesome outline of the content. Wrapping such details in less than 200 characters is an art. Besides you also need to have the neat URL that is simple and streamlined.
  • Increased instance of image search have also offered you the opportunity to get more exposure by adding relevant Image Alt ext
  • Heading tag: You need to have sufficient headings in order to offer a streamlined cogent structure to your posts

Deep Content

Writing valuable content can actually allow you to enjoy a prime position on major search engines. Many search engines have the well designed sophisticated tools to differentiate between shallow and deep content. So you should ensure that not only your content should be original but it should also be deep and engaging.

  • You need to research the top websites that belong to your niche and check for the content style. While you should never copy or nor even just rephrase the content used on these websites, you need to take help from the structure, theme, information shared and terms used in the content. It helps you to rest your content on the solid foundation.
  • There are a number of tools that can help you to analyze the major aspects of the top rated content on the web and can ease your entire content strategy.


You need to have a proper strategy to enjoy a powerful search engine presence. While the content and user experience plays a great role in offering you a prime position in the search engine results, you also need to take the benefit of other factors too. One such factor is backlinkng. You need to keep on enhancing the back linking.

  • Unlike the past it is the quality of the back links that is more important than the quantity. So, instead of tonnes of back links from the sites with low or nil reputation you should invest your focused efforts towards gaining the back links from some high ranking reputed websites with a good DA and Alexa ranking.

Diverse Content Styles

Posting daily blogs on your company site and periodically publishing guest posts on the high Da blogs enhances your chances of acquiring he coveted position on the major search engines. However if you need to expand the opportunities to reach maximum audience then you need to make the use of different content presentation styles.

  • Inforgrahics attract most of the audience because of their visual approach as well as the crisp content.
  • You can also gain tangible SEo benefits by using FAQs and knowledgebase. Such presentation style not only make your content search engine friendly but also allows you to naturally increase the instance of long tail and exact keywords without taking the help of keyword stuffing

Content Structure

While the quality and depth of your content plays a great role in satisfying the readers, the structure of your content helps the search engines to render you the desired position and present your site to the targeted audience depending upon the keywords or the phrases that they use. Needless to say it also helps you to get a prime position in the sERP

  • The snippets can help you to increase your CTR by as much as 30%.
  • Schema is considered as the standard format for the standard data that is ideal for the internet audience. It guides you to structure you content using some well defined format in order to gain a good SERP ranking.
  • After the implementation of mark-up you can monitor the rich snippets performance by using the Rank checker tool.

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