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Hostgator’s Cloud Hosting Plan: Is it the right choice for your business?

Your website is your digital revenue platform and thus the revenue potential and conversion opportunities of your digital business depend upon the efficiency of your site. A professional web design helps a lot and so does the advanced client-friendly features but all these things are secondary. The primary requirement is the availability, speed and stability of your site. You cannot enjoy the benefits of a professional website if it experiences frequent down times or loads very slowly. These basic features are determined by your web hosting plan.

HostGator is one of the most trusted web hosting providers that is trusted across the globe for its economical pricing, premium quality, award-winning support and other business-friendly features. Today we will evaluate the Hostgator Cloud Hosting Plan and see if it is the best hosting plan for your business:

A brief introduction of Hostgator:

Brent Oxley single-handedly laid the foundation of Hostgator Inc. around 16 years ago. Though started in a college dorm (just like Facebook), he was able to scale up the popularity of is new venture thanks to his business skills and commitment. In fact, as of now the Hostgator is the largest website hosting company. It offers a selected variety of client friendly hosting plans like shared hosting VPS, dedicated server and cloud hosting.

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Plan under Radar: Cloud Hosting Package of Hostgator

One of the most popular products of the company is Cloud hosting plan. While there are a number of hosting companies offering cloud hosting plans, the Hostgator’s plan simply stands out due to some solid reasons that we will discuss shortly. One thing that clearly sets it apart from other cloud hosting providers is that each fundamental and complimentary feature of this package is strategically planned to offer maximum benefits for the businesses of any size. In fact, this article will also share some of the key statistics and figures to help you calculate the business benefits you can expect from Hostgator.


Your digital business loses its meaning if it has to face frequent downtimes. So uptime is among the foremost things to be considered when you buy web hosting plan. Thankfully Hostgator Cloud hosting plan offers you a reliable uptime even during the challenging times.

  • In fact you would appreciate the fact that the company offers more than 99.8% uptime.
  • It simply means that you can expect the stable performance and unaffected speed even during the traffic spikes, technical issues or other unexpected instances that inflate the load.

Evaluating the business benefits

More than 70% of visitors will abandon your site if it does not load within 5 seconds.

  • That means if your SEO efforts attract a monthly traffic of 100,000 people then around 70,000 of the visitors will be wiped off!
  • In other words, you may end up wasting at least 70% of your SEO investment.
  • By simply investing in Hostgator cloud hosting you can strengthen your chances of increasing the site visitors by 70% and maximize your digital advantages.
  • More people mean more popularity, more conversion and better ranking possibilities.

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Before we discuss any other advantage, it would be great to know about the prices so that you can first decide whether the plan is affordable for you. Here too, Hostgator gives you a reason to smile.

  • At just a small figure of even the start-ups and small businesses (and maybe home businesses) would be able to enjoy the premium high quality cloud benefits that are generally limited to big companies only.
  • Remember, we are not just talking about just any cloud hosting but a premium cloud hosting experience with a proven track record!


You would certainly not like to restrict the reach of your website. In fact that is the major objective of people upgrading to cloud hosting packages. So let’s check how does Hostgator perform on this front?

  • Hostgator’s bandwidth allows your site to perform comfortably even when the resource demands surges suddenly and unexpectedly.
  • The company uses a well-planned ecosystem to monitor and maintain the bandwidth to save you from any future issues
  • So in short you get the shock absorbers that perfectly balance your site and save you from experiencing performance shocks!

Hosting Panel

How easily you can control the key features of your website shapes your overall experience. The first thing that comes to the mind of the beginners when they hear of the term hosting panel is a digital panel with a number of complex technical terms and a complicated structure. Thankfully HostGator is here to break this myth with its simple hosting panel:

  • Instead of using complicated technical words the hosting panel communicated with you in the simple easy to understand words like monthly traffic or maximum sites.
  • The menu structure is planned intuitively so that even the first time user can use it independently.


If you want to migrate your site to hostgator there is good news for you. Here is how Hostgator gears up your migration experience:

  • HostGator will happily move your site from your sluggish hosting provider to their premium cloud ecosystem without charging even a trifling price tag!

Business benefits of HostGator Cloud

Considering the fact that many reputed hosting providers are charging up to $150 for migration it is a massive relief- especially for the small businesses and start-ups.

Daily Backup

Data is termed as the new Gold of Digital World! So, preserving the daily data is of utmost importance for you. How efficiently and frequently you can preserve the data is the ultimate concern for the websites especially the ones that collect the customer’s data. Here’s how Hostgator can help you on this front:

  • No complicated technical processes required. With just a few clicks and taps you can secure your valuable digital Gold- the Data!
  • It empowers you with the easy prices of handling your backup independently and that’s a huge advantage for digital businesses as data is the new gold!

Automatic Malware removal

The security of your site depends upon its ability to ward off the malware and keep the hackers away. Hostgator knows this and that is why it provides you the maximum security against malware:

  • Hostgator’s Automatic Malware removal is certainly the most efficient digital security guard of your site in any unfortunate incident of malware attack.
  • It quickly identifies the malware entry and destroys them instantly before they could harm your business site.

Global Content Delivery Network

Too many requests can slow down your site and Hostgators global CDN is the perfect solution to this. However, in order to enhance the visual value of your site you need to add high resolution images, video testimonials etc. Hostgator perfectly solves this dilemma:

  • Heavy content like media files are transferred to the data centres near the visitors location that help your site load faster by slashing the latency
  • So, you enjoy better speed and offer best experience to multiple visitors simultaneously that can help you to gain loyal series of audiences and improve conversion opportunities

WPPro developer Help

Word press is the most widely tool to build the website around the world but in order to use it efficiently there is a learning curve involved. Hostgator’s allows you to enjoy the best benefits of wardress without having to go through the complicated learning process.

  • Its WPPro developer offer you the easy, straightforward word press training for the beginners that will help you understand the premium capabilities of word press in the most friendly language sans too many technical jargons.
  • Additionally you will also get the real time support by qualified professionals for resolving any of the troubleshooting issues!

Business benefits

Word press experts are really expensive these days and learning word press skill sis not an easy task for the non technical clients. Thus, you can enjoy a wide array of WordPress benefits without depending on others for help or recruiting expensive word press developers.


All the cloud hosting plans of hostgator offer you the unmetered storage and that is a huge relief for the businesses who need a high amount of storage for the unaltered performance but don’t have the resources for the same.

  • In fact, the Hostggator’s support team is reputed to be highly efficient as compared to its peers and competitors.
  • You can just send them an email or chat online and get a quick help from their used. In case of urgent issues you can gave them a call and expect an instant support.

Though having a social media help would gave been a great help.

Plans, pricing and key features Hostgator Cloud Hosting:

Starter plan: It comes at just @2.99 USD per month and offers you enough resources to support 52,000 visits per month. You will also enjoy 1 GB backup as will as unmetered storage.

For the reasonable price you can get a dedicated resource pool allowing you to support 200,000 visits every month with 150GB storage. You will also get 2GB backup. The cost of the plan is $7.98

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Business Plan: At $13.38 per month you will get the plan this capable of handling 300,000 visits very month and allows you to enjoy a total backup of 3GB with unlimited storage.

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A few more points…

  • Most of the helpful apps can be installed with just a single click
  • It takes just a day or two (at max) for setting up your account
  • The CMS can also be installed instantly with a single click


  • Excellent Uptime that is 99.9% (exceeding industry standards
  • TTFB 50ms in the US
  • Great prices and additional beginners discount to buy the package at half the pike
  • No migration charges
  • A vast resources of support like from, documentations and real time support round the clock


  • Live chat support could have been faster
  • Renewal price is significantly higher than the price of purchase
  • Website builder could have been better and/or offered complimentary


Hostgator’s Cloud Hosting Plan Rocks! Well there’s a bit of exaggeration as no hosting plan is without its limitations. However, when you compare the hostgator’s cloud hosting plan with most of its closest competitors, it simply proves to be a much better option in terms of speed, price, complimentary features, stability, uptime, bandwidth and other key features that shape the user experience.

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