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How to Set up Minecraft Server on your Computer?

Minecraft multiplayer server is one of the most popular servers liked by the players across the globe due to its extended features and improved user experience. However, if you want to run the minecraft server yourself then you need to go through a specific process. This guide is aimed at teaching you how to set up the minecraft server on your computer with the help of step by step process.

How to set up the minecraft server:

  1. Set up the static computer address for your machine.
  2. check your router’s manual to assign the address.
  3. open the browser and type your router’s address.
  4. provide your login credentials to log in to the router’s page.
  5. Check the router’s list that shows all the items connected to it
  6. Click on you computer to select it
  7. Apply the changes by clicking the appropriate buttons- Save/Apply.
  8. Allow system to reboot.
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This is Just initial guide, detailed guide is below:

  • Start with setting up the static computer address for your machine. Your Minecraft server would utilize a specific port. You can forward the port using the router’s page.
  • Keep in mind that there are unique pages assigned to different router models. So it is advisable to check your router’s manual for the detailed instruction and how you can assign the address.
  • These manuals also guide you on how to forward the ports.
  • In case if you don’t have the physical manual with you then you can check the online documentations.
  • Once you follow the instructions you will get the exact router’s address. Now, just open the browser and type your router’s address. You would be prompted to provide your login credentials to log in to the router’s page.
  • Don’t worry if you don’t have the credentials. Just refer the manual to know your stock credentials.
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  • Check the router’s list that shows all the items connected to it
  • Click on you computer to select it
  • If deemed necessary change the computer number.
  • Apply the changes by clicking the appropriate buttons- Save/Apply.
  • The server will take some time to complete the reboot process. The rebooting will take place only after the port forwarding as been set up.
  • When rebooted a new address would automatically be assigned to your computer by the router.
  • Static address should be easy to remember
  • Go to the advanced settings sections and check for the Port forwarding.
  • If you don’t find this section there then you can carefully check the router page’s settings to find port forwarding sections.
  • An easier and quicker way is to thoroughly check the documentation of your router that will give you the exact locations of port forwarding sections and save you from any hassles in locating the same.
  • Next step is the creation of new rule. Name it MineCraft. Depending upon the router that you are using there could be some difference in the process of new rule creation.
  • Some routers allow you to create the New rule by just typing Minecraft in their description textbox while other routers may require you to enter the routers information after clicking New Rule.
  • Next you need to go to Address /IP section on the Rule page and enter the static IP address of your computer.
  • It is generally in this format:
  • Check for the TCP or UDP drop down menus (usually located near the rule). Choose both the options by clicking on “TCP & UDP”
  • Minecraft utilizes the default port 25565. So enter this number in each box.
  • Generally the rule should be enabled by defaults. If it is not enabled then you need to check the box. Alternatively you may also click on the button on.
  • Once you have done the changes you now need to save the same.
  • Look for the button Save or Apply and wait till the rebooting is finished by the router.
  • Now you are ready to proceed with Minecraft server installation on the Mac or Window computer.
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How to install Minecraft sever on the computer?

  • You should have an updated Java. Just open your browser and type If you encounter any screen prompts follow them and your Java would be updated to the latest version. It works on Internet Browser only,
  • In order to smoothly run the Java Commands on your computer you need to install the Java JDK.
  • Open Java JDK Welcome age. Look for the Accept license agreement option and check it. You can generally find it below the “Java SE Development Kit 8u171” heading. /
  • On the right of Windows x64 you will see this download link “jdk-8u171-windows-x64.exe.” Click on it.
  • Activate the process by double clicking on the install file. You will see the on screen instructions that need to be followed as they appear.
  • Open in the browser and look for the link “minecraft_server.1.12.2.jar” in the page’s middle. Click on it to proceed ahead with the process//
  • Go to the desktop and right click. Now create new folders with the name Minecraft server. Click New- folder – (Type Minecraft) – Enter
  • Drop the downloaded JAR file on the minecraft folder by clicking the file and dragging/dropping it on the mentioned folder. Another way to do it is to copy the server file (ctrl+c) and pasting it in the minecraft server folder (ctrl+v)
  • Go the Minecraft server and run the server file by double clicking on the Java file present in the folder. .
  • If the process has been completed correctly you should see the text file named “eula” in the folder Minicraft server. Double click on this file to open it and change equal=false with equal =true in the file body. Save the changes ad close the text document?
  • Now resume the running by double clicking the server file once again and more files owed be added to the folder.
  • After completion of the running process close the server. You should see “Done” appearing a lower pane of the server’s main window. Now type stop in the text box in the left side of the lower pane of the server window. Press enter.
  • Inside the Minecraft server folder you will see the file named “”
  • Now remove him period from the file by renaming it. Press enter. Now you are able to open the file.
  • Open the file by double clicking notepad option from the pop up that opens when you double click the file names.
  • Once you open the file look for the line that says “server-ip=”. After “=” enter the static IP address of your computer (as you had set earlier)
  • Save the file and then open the notepad.
  • Open the notepad and type this- “java -Xmx3G -Xms1G -jar server. Jar”
  • Now save the file With the name run.bat
  • Save the file as all files
  • In the save as dialog box go click on the Java location and select Minecraft server
  • Now click save

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