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The Things That You Are Told In The Name Of Google

Google keeps on changing its algorithms to align with the fair practice policy wile further enhancing the user experience. However, many times the curt or enigmatic statements of Google can be misinterpreted by SEO professionals/agencies with vested interests. Additionally many times you are made to believe that the authority in question has conducted some exhaustive research/study or survey and has cracked the Google’s algorithms. Whatever the reason may be, the end result is that you alter your SEO strategy according to these statements and that may harm your ranking. So, here are top 4 SEO statements that are publicized in the name of Google but actually don’t add any value to your SEO strategy. Worse still, you might even be harming your own SEO endeavours by following these statements:

Social Signals don’t affect your rankings”

An enigmatic factor in the SEO industry is Social Signal Impact. It seems to have managed to confuse even the Internet Giant Google and make it give ambiguous, almost opposite statements. It was in 2010 that Google’s public voice aka Matt Cutts announced that Social Signals played certain role in determining the ranking of your site.

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Fast forward to 2014 and he surprises you with his changed statement announcing the social signals don’t have a role to play among the factors considered by Google for ranking your site. So what should you do?

Let’s investigate

It sometimes seems simply impossible to crack open the meaning of Google’s statements. Act smart, take the other route and view the entire thing from a different viewpoint. Site ranking is a wide term. Let’s be more specific and talk about SERP instead. We know that the social media pages are indexed on a periodical basis and that makes them eligible to be considered by SERPs as one of the influencing factors. Hence social media impact has the power to directly impact your ranking.

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Another thing to consider is that sharing your content with the ideal communities over social media enhances your chances of receiving quality links and quality links are certainly an important factor that directly affects your SEO.

Guest posting doesn’t help you in SEO”

Many businesses were using quality Guest Blogging as one of the unanimous fair practices for enhancing the site ranking on Google until one day…..Matt Cutts’ surprising statement dropped like a bomb “”if you’re using guest blogging as a way to get links … stop.” The so called SEO Gurus took the cue without going much deeper into the statement and told their clients and audience “Stay away from Guest blogging”. Others followed the suit and that’s how the guest blogging was converted from an angel to a devil for many, many people!

Let’s Investigate

The Google actually meant that Guest Blogging does not get any special prerogatives when it comes to evaluate the content. In other words, you cannot expect a huge positive leap when you publish a guest post. Google emphasizes on the quality of the content. If it bores your user, is replete with grammatical mistakes, stuffed with keywords or simply wastes the time of the reader then it attracts the Google Penalty whether it is a company’s blog or a Guest Blog. In fact there are many news platforms that happily accept numerous quality contributions from freelancers or external companies without affecting their SEO rankings.

Because you pay for Google Ads you can expect better organic ranking to No. 1”

Many people believe that paying for Google Ads can help them in better organic ranking too. After all, major portion of Google is supported by Ad revenue. Hence, they should do some favour to the advertisers.

Let’s Investigate

As we all know the search engine is obtained with the help of some algorithms and formulas. Paid rankings and organic rankings follow completely different formulas. Index database is used for obtaining ranking organic search results while it is pure bid and investment of the client that decide the rankings of the sponsored links. However PPC sponsor end link enjoy netter chance for conversant rate of traffic when compared to organic traffic

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Hence you can expect better conversion rate if you opt for pay ads but your paid ads will not affect the rankings in any way.

Paid ads are not a mandatory requirement. However it can closely help you in your online branding strategies by offering you a prime visibility. Besides, the high conversion rate reduces the time gap between efforts and results thus allowing you to modify the strategies for desired results.

Don’t optimize your anchor text according to keywords”

In its first penguin update, Google started penalising the optimized (actually over optimized) anchor text. That is why many people now don’t even think of keyword optimized anchor text to steer clear from Google fury.

Let’s Intestate

Over or unnatural optimizing is something that Google dislikes and so if your anchor text is unnaturally optimized, you have every reason to attract penalty. However you can surely optimise our anchor text naturally for the keywords you target

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When we talk of the over optimizing t is generally injecting target keywords anywhere between 60 and 70 percent of the anchor text. However if the target keywords don’t break the roof of 50% you will remain safe form Google’s fury.

One of the major changes that Penguin brought to anchor text is that you can no longer use keyword rich anchor text for both internal and external links. But you can take the help of diverse appeal and use the mix of primary and secondary kinds along with URL, your brand, and keywords of generic nature.

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