Top 5 Dedicated Hosting Providers

Global web hosting industry is experiencing a great success and is pacing fast on the path of growth. However, with the increasing number of players the choice has become harder, especially considering the fact that many of the new players are there in the market and some of them are really good while the others are just trying meet make some quick commercial gains by playing on the ignorance of a layman. So you need to be very careful while finding the bets services provider for your business. Especially if you are looking to hire best dedicated server that attracts a significant price then it is very important to do a deep research before you should be very careful while finding a suitable hosting provider.

Apart from the fair pricing, you should also get the premium services that you can bank on. Depending on the above, here is a list of 5 best dedicated servers that will fulfill you requirements while justifying their prices:

AccuWebHosting: Dedicated Server Provider You Can Go With

When it comes to Dedicated Server, no one can beat They offer Dedicated servers in almost 10 locations at a very affordable rate. They have options for all startups to large organizations. They never compromise with the hardware. And when it comes to technical support, you will not find any hosting company that can beat AccuWebHosting in support. Their lowest cost server with 32 GB RAM starts at just USD 75/Month.

AccuWebHosting Dedicated Server Plans:

AccuWebHosting Dedicated Server Features:

  • Speedy options for SSD, Enterprise, and SATA drives.
  • All servers Inclusive of premium Or Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Fully performant servers available in multiple locations: USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, Australia, India, Germany, France, Poland, Netherlands
  • We can build your server with 96 drives, 3TB physical memory, and a whopping 40+ powerful physical CPU cores
  • Free powerful SoftRaid setup with servers located in UK, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Germany, France, and Poland
  • Fully scalable servers – pay only for what you use
  • 500GB of free backup storage with all UK, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Germany, France, and Poland servers.

Best For: Start-ups, Large businesses, budget-critical projects, mission-critical projects, Sites with heavy traffic and many more.

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Milesweb: The bets services at fairest possible prices

Milesweb is considered among the best companies when it comes to the dedicated server. The company offers a well managed ecosystem comprising of the best hardware resources, dependable services, round the cock monitoring and best of all the talented staff to took after all the technical needs in a quick and precise manner. Founded in 2012, the company has been able to achieve a pioneer status especially when it comes to hybrid dedicated server.

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MilesWeb Dedicated Server Plans: 

MilesWeb Dedicated Server Features:

  • Its hybrid dedicated server is located in India as well as US data centre
  • It is connected with agile network carriers
  • You get the maximum uptime (99.95%)
  • Milestone offers best managed as well as unmanaged services for dedicated server hosting
  • There is no maximum cap on the number of websites that you can host.
  • You are free to choose your own Operation systems according t your knowledge level as well as eh requirements
  • Further slashing down their already reasonable prices the company offers a significant 50% discount on the first month invoice.

Best For: MNCs, Start-ups Budget conscious clients and the bloggers with heavy traffic.

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Inmotion Hosting: Offers the extended flexibility

Inmotion is another good name when it comes to the top dedicated hosting providers. Especially if flexibility is on your mind then you can go for Inmotion hosting. In order to make the options suitable for various people and ensure that the plans fit across different budgets.

Inmotion Dedicated Hosting Plans:

InMotion Hosting Dedicated Server Features:

  • The company offers as many as 6 plans to choose from- all with different specifications, resource and prices
  • Best maintenance services as well as dynamic security are 2 best features of the company that fully justify the fair prices
  • Secondly the pre installed OS and after sales support are 2 other features that further enhances the company’s appeal as the ideal choice for the stat up sand budget conscious businesses
  • You will also get free SSD storage irrespective of the plan you choose.Best for: E-commerce sites and Social media sites.

Visit Inmotion Hosting: Buy/View Inmotion Dedicated Servers


DreamHost: Best friend for e-Commerce Sites

DreamHost offers good dedicated hosting services when it comes to the flexibility, security and performance. You will get multiple options to choose from in order to suit your budget as well as the requirements and the industry. The services are premium but the prices are quiet affordable.

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DreamHost Dedicated Sever Plans:

DreamHost Dedicated Server Features:

  • DreamHost services are generally preferred by the popular brands and as well as emerging eCommerce clients with a focus on data security
  • This 100% wind-powered datacenter promises an environment friendly services
  • Right from well managed security to the mirrored storage the company offers a number of features to protect your site

Best for: e-commerce with heavy traffic but economical restraints

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Hostgator India: Choose if Indian audience is on your mind

Hostgator India is another brand that offers the dependable yet affordable dedicated hosting services for the clients In order to ensure that the clients should enable to enjoy the maximum benefits out of their services the company offers as many as 4 price plans to choose from. The plans contain decent features required to offer a great performance as well as boosting speed o the website.

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Hostgator India Dedicated Sever plans:

Hostgator Dedicated Server Features:

  • The major strength of the Hostgator is the after sales service whether it is addressing the support related issues or other technical management concerns, the company’s executive are fully capable of offering the best services.
  • Excellent uptime ensures the best performance of your site under varying conditions
  • You will also enjoy the latest security updates and easy to use control panel

Best For: Businesses focusing on Indian clients.

Visit Hostgator Website: View/Buy HostGator Dedicated Servers


A2 Hosting: All purpose hit

A2Hosting offers best dedicated hosting by utilizing the state of the art servers that are highly reliable and at the same time its sophisticated configuration ensures a super fast speed. The company offers multiple plans to choose from, including managed as well as unmanaged hosting. The people looking to have a full control over their websites can opt for full root access control while those who don’t have much technical knowledge would rather allow the company to control their accounts for the optimum performance.

A2Hosting Dedicated Server Plans: 

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A2Hosting Dedicated Server Features:

  • Irrespective of the plan you choose, you will get a Raid-1 redundant hard drive that is counted among the best in dedicated hosing fraternity.
  • You will also get a dedicated IP address at absolutely no extra charge
  • The company’s 99.9% uptime guarantee is something that makes it the best option to choose for getting him premium experience
  • TurboBoost servers that can enhance the seed by as much as 20 times!

Best for: MNCs with extremely high expectation in terms of speed or a top blogger with lots of happening on your blog round the clock.

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Final Thoughts

If you are looking for some top dedicated server providers then there are a number of different providers in India. However if you are interested in getting the fairly priced services without compromising on the features or the resources then you should be very careful while choosing the ideal dedicated sever provider and really need to invest a good part of attention while finding the same. In order to simplify your search we have evaluated a number of different dedicated server providers based in India and presented top 5 names to rely on.

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