Django Hosting Providers

Top 5 Django Hosting Providers in 2021

Django Hosting Providers

Django is a versatile, high-stamina framework for creating websites and apps. However, just like any other powerful platform it also has specific hosting demands. For enjoying the best performance out of your Django ecosystem you should be ready to invest in a reliable hosting plan. Here we are providing you a curated list of some of the best Django hosting provider who offers you state of the art servers, high-end infrastructure, extensive resources, and comprehensive management and support to help you get the optimum results with Django 

Hostinger Django Hosting

Hostinger provides the dependable VPS hosting plans for Django hosting at the most reasonable prices which makes it a great option for the start-ups and small businesses. The quality is excellent and you would also love the support provided by the company. When you will do a deep Django hosting provider comparison you would come to know that the Hosting is providing the specialized Django hosting with similar support, quality, and resource volume like many other providers- at the pricing that can be compared to the shared hosting plans.

Hosting doesn’t offer you managed to host which means that you would have to set up the server all by yourself and also update it on your own. That said, the technical issues would be taken care of by its expert team. You may also consult the team should you need some assistance while setting your server. 

  • Moreover, you may also opt for value-added options like SEO toolkit, premium support, and regular backups.
  • Hosting utilizes 100 MB/s network which should be sufficient for the smaller projects. However, projects with specific demands may encounter performance/speed issues.
  • 1-month moneyback guarantee allows you to opt-out from the services anytime and takes back the price you paid.

Inmotion Django Hosting

Inmotion is a widely trusted hosting provider for US clients and also enjoys a decent reputation across other countries of the world. It offers reliable Django hosting on different servers like managed VPS, cloud VPS, and dedicated servers.

If you wish to concentrate fully on project development then buy managed VPS plans from Inmotion as the entire configuration, maintenance, and technical management would be tackled by Inmotion’s professional experts like server optimization, stack setup and installation of various security systems to keep your Django ecosystem safe from the latest threats.

  • Automated snapshots you can schedule daily backups and get complete server copy
  • Every Inmotion plan comes with Free SSL supported by Free SSL
  • A 90-day money-back guarantee offers you more than sufficient time to test the performance consistency of the hosting plan and cancel your plan if it isn’t up to your expectations.
  • The hosting plan is shipped with management panel at no extra cost.

Hostwinds Django Hosting

With its as many as 10 different setups Hostwinds offers you a wide menu to pick the right plan that meets your exact needs in terms of storage, CPU, and other resources.

You can select from managed and unmanaged plans and add the desired volume of different DDOS protected dedicated IP addresses

For more demanding enterprises the company offers pay per hour cloud and dedicated servers. These two options are better suited for higher tier consumers.

While Hostwinds’ do offer managed change hosting packages, the number of managed services is less than what you get with Inmotion’s managed plans. For instance, they won’t set up a stack for you or configure installation. Likewise, you would also have to optimize your server on your own. So, you would certainly need some level of technical proficiency even if you are buying managed plans. The issues with network, booting, hardware, or performance continuity would be tackled by Hostwinds.

  • You can get Backups and cPanel licenses by paying reasonable corresponding costs. The company has multiple data centers in the best data center locations like Amsterdam, Dallas, and Seattle
  • You will also get hosting firewalls services to protect your website or app which allows you to either block or white list specific IP address or digital traffic type.
  • The company offers round the clock support through diverse online and offline mediums like live chat, tickets, live chat, or phone. The support tea is polite, proficient, and prompt.
  • The company accepts payment through different apps and platforms including cryptocurrencies.

Liquid Web Django Hosting

Liquid Web comes with a dynamic full-service VPS hosting plans with sufficient resources and top-quality infrastructure to help you manage your Django project more confidently. This feature-rich plan comes with some strong features like firewall, powerful backups, reliable security suite, and Cloudflare CDN to help you server your global audience even better user experience.

You may either opt for unmanaged services or instead buy a managed plan to delegate all the management hassles to the professional team of Liquid web. In a managed plan the setup, monitoring, and updating are tackled by the LiquidWeb’s in house team. It also includes premium quality support round the clock. So, all you have to do is to install the Django and rest will be taken care of by the company’s experts.

  • Moreover the company offers you a massive monthly bandwidth of 10 TB.
  • , Unlike other marketing-oriented hosting providers the LiquidWeb doesn’t compel you to buy longer-term plans by setting unreasonably higher prices for short term packages. SO you have the option to buy short term plans first to check the performance before going for a long term commitment.
  • All the VPS plans comes equipped with Akamai and ALiiwu webs’ cloud pad balances to assure the high-speed performance consistency throughout your Django project
  • The 100% uptime guarantee is among the most powerful features of the company .

Contabo Django Hosting

Along wit data canters I the US and Amstma the Contabo also has two data centers in Germany. The company has achieved a distinct status as a reliable Django hosting provider in the European continent. Equipped with strong features and priced affordably, the company’s VPS solutions are highly sophisticated and can easily tackle demanding Django Projects with easy. It is notable Th the company does not offer round the clock support and you would have to call them between 8-23:00 hours to get the support. Having said that the support quality is superb and the staff is proficient. 

  • You will get unlimited bandwidth with all the VPS plans that said there is a variation in the port speed between 100MPB/s and 1GB/s
  • With Contabo’s management platform you can easily perform tasks like OS reinstallations, VPS rebooting DNS configurations, etc.
  • All 100% SSD plans are shipped with single click snapshot and 1click restore options- at no additional costs.
  • 100%SSD or SD Boos- You can either pick the 100^% SSD servers for extremely fast speed and performance consistency. If you don’t have very high-speed demands and wish to save some more dollars then opt for HD server boosted by SSD which aren’t only cheap but also more spacious.

Conclusion on Top Django Hosting providers

Django is a high-efficiency platform t build sophisticated websites and digital applications but it also has specific hosting needs in this blog we presented a curated list of reliable web hosting providers to help you get the best out of your Django hosting. The readers are advised to check the latest reviews, compare prices, and see how well the features/services align with their requirements before making a final decision.

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