Top 5 ERP Hosting Providers to Extract The Best Outcome Out of Your ERP

ERP or Enterprise resource planning refers to the strategically integrated management of core business processes mediated by the latest software and technology, in real-time. These integrated business applications are utilized to
assemble, accumulate, professionally manage and interprets the relevant data generated from diverse business activities.

It helps the organizations effectively track various business resources like raw materials, cash, production capacity, orders, purchase orders, and payroll. By facilitating the flow of information between multiple business functions and proper management of connections with outside stakeholders the ERP allows businesses to gain a competitive edge.

However, it requires very sophisticated ecosystem ERP systems as the ERP runs on diverse computer hardware network configurations. So you need a reliable specialized web hosting package for your ERP hosting needs. In this blog, we are going to present a list of some of the best ERP hosting providers

Go4Hosting ERP Hosting

Go4hosting possesses a wide, varied, and valuable industry experience. The company offers reliable web hosting solutions for different ERP applications, including but not limited to WebERP, Odoo, and others. The company has been offerings its ERP hosting services to diverse global businesses – right from start ups to established market brands. The company is fully committed to offering high-speed connectivity, reliable uptime, and top of the class infrastructure to make sure that you enjoy enterprise-grade ERP hosting solutions without any issues or hassles.

Go4Hosting is the perfect choice for running multiple ERP solutions including
WebERP, Odoo, Dolibarr, OrangeHRM, and FrontAccounting

Salient features of Go4Hosting ERP Hosting

· Lightning fast loading speed
· Highly Sophisticated solutions
· Enterprise-grade servers for consistent performance
· Robust security measures to secure your databases
· Excellent services for business-critical software
· Strategically built infrastructure
· Modernized state of the art Tier III data center infrastructure
· Conforming to specific hosting requirements with zero compromise
· Designed for redundancy
· Seamless network connectivity
· Excellent bandwidth availability
· Six zone security systems
· Security audit checks for unfailing protection
· 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed (Enterprise Dedicated Server)

Dialwebhosting ERP Hosting

Dialwbhosting helps you to enjoy avant-garde ERP hosting services with zero hassles and high-end speed. The company has employed distinct strategies and progressive, new-age technologies along with unmatched network architecture. All these factors along with round the clock reliable support through multiple communication channels offered by professional experts make dialwebhosting the right choice for all your ERP hosting needs.

Salient Features of Dialwebhosting ERP Hosting

  • Highly trained, certified and experienced ERP professionals
  • Avant-garde ERP environment maintenance & updating
  • Top of the class underlying hardware
  • Highly secured data center facilities across multiple locations running on the latest processes
  • Strict security controls
  • Distinguished data governance policy
  • Seamless operations
  • Unique technology solutions tailored to the needs of individual customers
  • Extremely resilient Tier III data centers
  • Quick deployment
  • Hassle-free integration & configuration
  • Excellent governance, frequent security checks & periodical audits
  • Scalable computing
  • Excellent storage capacities
  • 99.95% guaranteed network uptime
  • Reliable disaster recovery solutions on demand
  • Proactive ERP support 24X7X365
  • 24 hours of monitoring & management
  • CMMI level 5 organization

Knownhost ERP Hosting

Knownhost offers excellent ERP web hosting services that conform to the best ERP hosting guidelines. In addition to that, the company’s customer-first practices also make it an ideal choice for the more serious enterprises that are looking to extract the maximum RoI out of their ERP investment. The company also has a very robust security ecosystem to make sure that the business privacy must not be compromised and all your business-critical data gets the ultrasafe protection against the latest threats.

Salient features Knownhost ERP Hosting

  • Best uptime guarantee
  • Reliable DDoS protection
  • Redundant backups
  • Immunify360.
  • 100% fully managed to host confirming to the best standards
  • Sophisticated security
  • Disaster recovery services
  • The perfect combination of agility and reliability for diverse ERP needs
  • Works seamlessly for most of the popular ERP Hosting Software like Sentrifugo, Zdoo, ChurchCRM, WebERP, and others.

CloudOye ERP Hosting

Cloud Oye has excelled in the space of premium web hosting solutions and this is the reason why the company has emerged as the preferred choice for MNCs, top global brands and even government organizations.

The company has mastered the art and science of perfectly merging the performance convenience and protection to deliver top of the world experience to their clients- regardless of the size, type, or requirements of a business.

The company is a pro at adopting the latest technologies and adapting its guidelines and entire workflow to leverage the best benefits out of the technology. A keen professional acumen along with friendly customer services and fair businesspractices make Cloud Oye the right choice for ERP hosting solutions.

Salient features of CloudOye ERP Hosting

  • Seamless support services
  • Smooth and Swift Integration process
  • Security patching
  • Seamless integration
  • Quick software upgrading
  • Reliable monitoring services
  • Seamless running of workloads and processes

Trijit ERP Web Hosting

Trijit has been providing the most reliable web hosting services for many years and its clientele include several companies across different sizes, scales, and sectors. The company’s adherence to the premium security guidelines and its ethical core values as a business are two USPs that have allowed Trijit to win the trust of the customers.

Following its tradition of sophisticated, enterprise-grade security and services, the company has strategically designed its ERP hosting packages to help the customers enjoy the best business benefits at the most business-friendly costs.

Salient features of Trijit ERP Web Hosting

  • 24 hours of advanced monitoring services aided by the latest technologies
  • Regular System Health Check
  • Industry grade Server Performance Monitoring.
  • Most sophisticated datacenters multiple tiers of data protection
  • 24×7 network monitoring
  • Mission-critical availability
  • 24 x 7 X 36 support via multiple secure communication platforms
  • Full-service support for Migration, Software Installations, and other critical
  • Exceptional Hosting services for ERP Application Hosting including SAP, MS
    Dynamics, and others
  • Tailored experience to meet customer requirements and fit their budget
  • Unlimited Bandwidth (dedicated Uplink based on your needs)
  • Can be used through RDP (Remote Desktop ) or FTP
  • Provision for Unrestricted Email Accounts on the company’s webmail


When used wisely, the ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning can offer excellent benefits to the businesses and allow them to gain competitive excellence in the industry. However, to extract the best advantages out of your ERP investment it is very important to buy the specialized ERP hosting solutions that can offer reliable services as well as professional expert support to resolve all different issues in real-time round the clock. The infrastructure, ecosystem, and overall connectivity are the most vital factors t considers before buying ERP hosting package. In this blog, we have presented a list of some of the best ERP hosting providers. The readers are advised to use their discretion and compare the plans, prices, and features before making the final decision.

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