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Top 5 VPS Providers in India

India is counted as one of the countries with a massive number of internet users. Right from metro cities to small towns, different sections society are well versed with the internet. The increasing uses of smartphones and Android phones have further boosted the popularity of internet by providing an easy interface and more affordable means for browsing. That is why the India businesses are serious about making a strong online presence.

Having your own website is not enough. The Indian businesses now seek the websites with fast loading speed, stable performance and with a high amount of resources that instantly fulfills the varying demands of their websites. There are multiple hosting plans offered by the reputed web hosting companies. While shared hosting plans are great for personal websites and beginners, the clients with professional requirements would like to go for VPS India hosting plans. Along with dedicated and high availability of resources, the VPS hosting plans also offer a higher amount of privacy and security. The best thing about VPS hosting plans is that while they offer a better amount of privacy and protection to client’s website, one can easily buy these plans at reasonably affordable prices.

There are a number of VPS hosting providers in India However, in order to enjoy the premium features at fair price you need to go for the reputed brands. Depending upon several parameters we have selected top 5 VPS India hosting providers in India for 2018. Here is the list:

Hosting Raja: Web Hosting Company

Hosting Raja provides a wide array of hosting services to suit the needs and budgets of diverse clients. Under its umbrella of services there are different essential and advanced products that will help you to make a strong in presence.

To cater to the different categories of clients the company offers as many as 6 different VPS hosting packages like Basic VPS, Value VPS, Premium VPS, Extreme VPS, Premium ECommerce and Extreme ECommerce.

Salient Features

  • Each package comes with a host of client-friendly features and fully justifies the prices considering the ease of use, extended controls and flexibility it offers.
  • All the three VPS come with the fine performance guaranteed by Dual core.
  • For the clients with extremely high expectations the company offers extreme VPS hosting for a premium experience.

Hosting Raja VPS Hosting Plans:

Visit Hostingraja: Click Here

Bigrock VPS Hosting review:

Bigrock is a promising venture started by Bhavin Turahi the founder of Directi Group- the most respected name in the world of online infrastructure. It offers a host of user-friendly VPS India hosting plans. The company is clearly focused on start-ups and SMEs with its fair pricing policy and easy to use plans. However the quality offered by the company makes it equally suitable for MNCs and international companies as well.

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Salient Features

  • The extremely low starting rates for feature-packed VPS India hosting package can be called a gift to the bootstrapped start-ups and it makes the company journey to add one more client segment to its target groups- individual Home businesses aspiring to join the ranks of emerging start-ups.
  • However unlike its rivals the company has not cut down the features reduce the prices. It has rather divided the plans wisely across multiple categories thus allowing client to choose a plan that justified with eh growing demands of their business.
  • All the plans come with guaranteed availability of resources and extended controls

BigRock VPS Hosting Plans:

Review BigRock VPS Hosting Plans: Click Here

Hostgator VPS Hosting Review:

This reputed hosting company offers different feature-packed VPS India hosting plans to suit the needs of different clients. Apart from the VPS hosting infrastructure the packages also includes advanced creator tools that would allow the clients to build their own website with complete functionality.

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Salient Features

  • One thing that gives Hostgator a unique appeal is the advanced creator tools that don’t give you website a DIY look but rather allow you to create a fully professional website that you would like to show to your national and international clients.
  • If you are really serious about SEO then these VPS India hosting plans are great assets for you. These tools are specifically designed to align with the best SEO guidelines and offer your web design a confident SEO push.
  • Though the creator tools may require a bit of learning curve, it surely pays off as the clients can be able to exercise some advanced options needed for polishing the overall look of the website to meet with the best standards.

HostGator VPS Plan Details:

Visit HostGator for Review: Click Here

A2Hosting VPS Hosting Review:

If you are looking for the VPS India hosting with premium prime and intuitive website crater tools then you should look no further then A2 Hosting. A2 Hosting offers a comfortable range of multiple VPS hosting plans to support the specific needs of different clients without any restrictions.

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Salient Features

  • The company has worked very hard on its customer services recently that can be seen from the prime support offered by the proficient support team that is capable and especially trained to meet the specific requirements and support queries of the clients. It has made company a favourite preference for MNCs and huge corporate clients too.
  • Whether you are just a beginner who is looking for ideal VPS India hosting plans with budget as your major concern, or a big company looking for high end features available at competitive pricing, the VPS hosting plan offered by A2 Hosting will never disappoint you.
  • The company also enjoys a great reputation when it comes to the reliability of the resources.

A2 Hosting VPS Plans:

Visit A2 Hosting: Click Here

MilesWeb VPS Hosting Review:


If the prime objective of your transition from shared hosting to VPS hosting is better uptime guarantee and prompt resource availability then the MilesWeb is the best choice for you.

Salient Features

  • The company is clearly focused on offering the stable performance irrespective of traffic, fluctuations or load.
  • In fact, these purpose specific VPS India Hosting plans could be highly appreciated by the businesses that are heavily dependent on the online audience to earn revenue like e-commerce sites, professional blogs or media websites.
  • The company has tried to keep the prices as low as reasonably possible and has packed its plans with all the required resources.

MilesWeb VPS Hosting Plans:

Visit Miles Web VPS page: Click here

Conclusion on Top VPS hosting providers in India

There are a number of different VPS India Hosting packages offered by reputed web hosting companies in India. However, one should be very careful while choosing the best VPS plan to meet his specific requirements. Four major things to consider in order to buy the best VPS hosting plans in India are fair pricing, user-friendly features, wider menu to choose from and complementary products.

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