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Top 5 Web Hosting Companies For Small Businesses

Digital services have empowered a number of small business clients to gain a global reputation without investing a massive capital. The clients don’t only enjoy the lower infrastructure costs (as compared to physical business setup) but also get the opportunity to reach global audience. There are a number of web hosting providers that offer different levels of service quality and plans for the businesses. However, in order to buy best web hosting plan that perfectly fits your budget and requirements you need to do some digital diving.

Why should you trust our list of top 5 web hosting provides?

We have compiled the reviews of top 5 hosting providers across the globe for the small businesses. So each claim is perfectly verified by the real life results and benefits.

1. InMotion Hosting

InMotiosn hosting is a reputed provider of web hosting packages at the reasonable prices. They offer shared hosting packages, VPS server plans and dedicated server to the clients. There are various reasons to choose Inmotion hosting for hosting or small business website.

Why should you trust InMotion Hosting?

  1. Proven track record: The company enjoys an impressive track record that has won it the covetous title of Top-Rated web hosting  company by the reputed technology magazine CNET
  2. Consistent performance: The Company has been able to maintain the same level of product and service quality for many years. In fact it has been the constant choice for CNET as a top rated hosting provided for 14 consecutive years! Yes that’s true- for 14 years in row!
  3. Additional support: In order to help you gain the maximum efficiency and performance the company offers you a number of free e-commerce tools. The quality other complimentary tool perfectly matches the premium quality of theory paid products!
  4. Integrity and performance: Better Business Bureau has also stamped the company as one of the very few hosting businesses that follow the high levels of ethics and quality. In fact the bureau has awarded it the A+ rating!  It is the high quality web hosting services promising fast speed and better performance (above industry grade) that has made company win this A+ title.

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2. HostGator

Hostgator is arguably the topmost name among the ethically driven web hosting companies enjoying a respectable position. The company offers shared hosting, VPS hosting dedicated hosting plans. It is famous for its after-sales support and a wide and varied experience in the hosting industry.

Why should you trust Hostgator?

Along with the bloggers and small businesses the company has also offered its hosting services to Fortune 500and other topmost global brands including but not limited to Dell, AT&T and Cisco

  • Right from their CPUs till fibres and other peripherals- every infrastructure element conforms to the higher standards of quality.
  • Maximum care of customer accounts with he help of facilities like fire detection, power backup and constant monitoring
  • A humongous wealth of 12,000 highly efficient servers
  • Uptime guarantee

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3. BigRock Hosting

BigRock arguably offers the most cost efficient web hosing plans in this category. A huge array of various web hosting products are offered by the company that saves clients from hassles and maintenance issues associated with buying different service from different vendors. The company offers its solution to diverse clientele.

Why should you trust BigRock Hosting?

  • The price starts at around $1 that could arguably be called the lowest prices looking at the package inclusion.
  • You will also get the personal website sting with it’s my website that is perfect for your personal site
  • You get the best uptime and the company follows high levels of integrity and transparency.

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4. GoDaddy

Godaddy has spent a huge span of 18 years in the industry and is known for its groundbreaking hosting products plans and quality. Along with various companies and businesses a number of individuals also trust the reasonably priced hosting plans by the company. They offer quality products at reasonable prices and provide you a complete ecosystem to manage different phases of your web digital journey.

Why should you trust Godaddy?

  • You get efficient 1 click installation that can download more than 100 different scripts. Apart form popular choice like Word press and Magenta it also include Cube Cart and Prestashop among many others
  • High-efficient support team for resolving your issues immediately
  • Customer-oriented company

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A2 Web Hosting

All the above discussed companies share a great global reputation and are known for their business ethics and quality. However, many small clients feel more comfortable dealing with relatively smaller hosting companies. If you are among them then you can think of buying hosting packages from A2 Web Solutions. Still a smaller company when compared to other larger players of the industry this company has earned a huge reputation due to its performance and reliability. The company offers shred hosting, virtual private server, dedicated server and collocation facility.

Why should you trust A2 web hosting?

  • Both big and small players equally trust A2 hosting for best prices and reliable support
  • The company holds a deep experience in the industry that makes it a great choice
  • The staff is efficient and highly supportive and resolve each issue on an urgent basis
  • The company offers a great level of knowledge support by providing various knowledge base content in diverse formats- text and non text
  • While growing at a very fast pace the company has still maintained the closeness with each of its clients
  • The rates are very reasonable and it delivers the top class quality

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There are a number of web hosting companies across the globe but as a small business you need the company that perfectly aligns with your requirements. We have dived deep into the digital sea t find such precious companies. In this list of bets web hosting companies for small sense sew have listed top 5 companies with global reputation as ethically-driven high quality hosting providers for the clients. Depending upon you choice, occasional untargeted audience you can buy hosting plans fro many of the company that interests you the most.

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