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Top selling products on Amazon India in 2019

As the New Year is anxious to enter inside with its kitty of new things and 2017 is about to retire, it would be a great experience to take the note of things that happened in 2017. Why not bridge the link between old and new? We all love shopping for New Year and it would be great if we know the top selling items during 2017. Let us have a look on the hot selling items on Amazon during 2017

  1. Mi Band HRX Edition:

The design is one of the best features of Mi Band. It comes with a minimalistic design that is a perfect blend of elegance and luxury. The UV coated black display is pleasantly glossy that adds highlight to its overall appeal. The battery stamina is highly appreciable even if you are a bit careless about switching off your Bluetooth and additional apps that consume battery.

Once charged it can fuel all the necessary (and even optional) operations smoothly for at least 2 weeks. If you are frugal in using the apps and features then you can expect around 20 days of comfortable operations. The accuracy won’t disappoint you either. Though not 100% accurate the difference doesn’t fluctuate more than 5 steps on an average and the accuracy rate (exact steps were taken) isn’t too low either. The material quality is sturdy and rugged.

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2. HP 678 Ink Cartridge (Black x 2 + Colour x 2) Combo Pack:

HP considers quality as the most important factor while manufacturing any product and this is not an exception either. HP 678 Ink Cartridge adds certain crispness to the printed text and graphics quality that makes the printed documents pleasant to read or look at. It is specially developed with an aim to eliminate the chances of print head damage. The cost is quite reasonable, if not actually on the lower side considering the print quality. The ease of use is also considered seriously and you can smoothly load it without “adjusting” the sheets.

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3. Photon P10 Wireless 3W Portable Bluetooth Speaker:


Material quality is superb and it actually shows. Sharp cut edges to give it an active look while the metal housing and aluminium body offer a premium appeal. The durability is confirmed by the metal grill that covers the top. A clever designing talent can be seen at the bottom that has 3 LEDs glowing proudly when it is dark. Battery life could have been longer but it doesn’t disappoint you, to the least. It can last up to 3 hours and in some cases, you can get a surprise for an extra half an hour. The key functionality buttons are easy to locate and use at e bottom and you will find it easy to intuitively touch and press power, volume, and mode and play-pause button.

The sound quality is a major problem for low-priced earphones and on this front, you should be ready for a surprise. The sound is crisp clear and the bass is full-bodied that gives you the wholesome auditory satisfaction. Mic own disappoints either. However, the quality does alter when you increase the volume at maximum level. It also has an FM radio and AUX mode. For the latter, you would need a 3.5mm micro USB cable. Micros SD also works fine.

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4. Wireless Combo MK27:

The size and weight are the USP of this keyboard. At 0.5 pounds it’s a blessing for frequent travelers who are uncomfortable with the laptop keys. They can take it to anywhere without any difficulty. The battery life is extremely good. Even if we discount the company’s claim that it lasts for 3 years on a set of AAA batteries, the life is much better tan just2 months of life by the competitor brands. The small size does come with some limitations. You will actually feel the absence of additional feature keys that makes working or navigating easier, for example, four-way scrolling. Besides, the design might seem to be concentrated on right-hand users only. The mouse too is quite small that limits its usability.

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5. The Xiaomi Redmi 4:

The display is quite good and you will appreciate the crispness & color resolution. Besides, the performance too is quite appreciable with an improved camera. If you are looking for a feature-rich phone then Xiaomi Redmi 4 is the best bet for you. Though it is a new model you won’t find many additional features as compared to its predecessor. It is more of an iterative rather than a full-fledged upgrade.

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6. Boat Bass Heads 225:

If you are looking for the best headphone that comes at pocket friendly prices then this is the best choice for you. The sound quality is good and bass too is agreeable. The performance is fine and you will also love the battery life that certainly needs a special mention. If you are conscious of your budget and still need a good headphone then this is the one that you should go for provided you don’t have detailed requirements.

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7. Amazon Fire TV Stick:

The price is cheap and would offer you great feature rich products. Though very much similar to Google chrome cast you will also notice a few features in this product to be better than the former. Its Alexa voice integration offers a new character to the sound quality by properly highlighting the highs and lows of the voice along with the vocal differences. The Amazon stick offers you unlimited access to the streaming content.

The Amazon Prime instant video is highly appreciable and would offer you the best satisfaction The upgraded Amazon fire TV stick offers as much as 30% faster speed as compared to its previous version that is good not only for TV streaming but also for listening to thematic. Though the features are quite lesser than Apple TV you will find it quite reasonable. The major limitation you will feel will be during paling games and when you want to use Ethernet instead of wifi

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8. Oppo PM-3

If convenience is in your mind and you don’t have too much of expectations from the sound quality than Oppo pm-3 is the finest headphones for you. Add to that the luxurious feel and a premium well-developed character. While you will enjoy the good sound quality its perfect design sits comfortable and would not make you feel any discomfort even while you are jogging or during workouts. The battery life is reasonably fine and the glossy exteriors give it a chic appeal.

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9. Philips Fidelio X2’s:

Philips has maintained its brand character in all the aspects of the Philips Fidelio X2s be it sound, exteriors, battery, and comfort. However, the charming exteriors and sound quality stand apart when it is compared with its counterparts. The premium metal offers an unmistaken elite class look to Philips Fidelio X2′. The sound quality is superb on highs as well as lows but Bass is the strong point of Philips Fidelio X2′ that maintains its real, unaltered character regardless of the volume. You can’t expect quality at cheap prices but overall you will not complain about the price tags when you compare it with the features.

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10. Beyer dynamic DT 1770 Pros:

If you are seeking some unique quality from your headphone and won’t mind paying a premium price for that then Beyer dynamic DT 1770 Pros is the best option for you. It impresses at the first glance and leaves a long-lasting impact on your ears. The sound quality is exceptionally great that seems to caress your ears during the lows while deeply influences when you listen to bass. The sound might quiver a bit when you increase the volume but instantly adjusts to the normal tone. Though not really bulky, the weight could have been even lighter. If you are really looking for a premium headphone then Beyer dynamic DT 1770 Pros is the ultimate thing for you.

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