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The Ultimate Unbiased Review of ResellerClub

The constant increase in the number of websites across the globe has certainly benefited the web hosting industry. It has also resulted in the increasing competition in the industry and in order to remain ahead of their closest competitors the web hosting providers prefer to appoint the resellers for maximizing their reach. However in order to enjoy the cutting edge position the resellers need to prove their entrepreneurial skills.

The first and foremost step is to choose the best hosting provider that can precisely meet their needs. There are number of reseller hosting package providers but one company that really stands out as the major and most reliable brand for the hosting resellers is ResellerClub. Let us see what makes it so popular, the plans and pricing and the USP of ResellerClub:

Introduction of Resellerclub

Brainchild of one of the world’s most respected name in the web hosting industry Endurance group- ResellerClub certainly enjoys an elevated status when it comes to the reseller hosting as the company focuses on designing the best products specifically for the hosting reseller that allow them to enhance their reputation and revenue potential. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the ResellerClub is genuinely helping the resellers to enjoy the cutting edge over their closest competitions and enjoy the maximum entrepreneurial freedom.

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Though there are a number of specific features associated with different plans offered by Reseller club, all the plans share some features in common.

  • Month money-back guarantee
  • Multiple server choice
  • SSH access
  • Full root (VPS/dedicated clients)
  • Choice of CPanel/Plesk
  • Single-click installation

Shared Hosting by Resellerclub:

shared hostingResellerClub offers the shared hosting plan and the resellers can choose from the Linux and windows hosting as per their varying requirements. Though priced very economically, the shared hosting plan offers a number of advantages that only a few providers can offer and that too at exclusive prices. So getting such privileged benefits sans premium charges is certainly the USP of their Shared hosting plans.

  • SSH access on the shared plans is generally unheard of and this is the exclusive privilege provided only to the VPS or dedicated hosting clients but the reseller hosting even the budget conscious resellers and beginners to enjoy this privilege. Yes, their shared hosting plans offer the complete SSH offers that facilitate the administrative and managerial tasks.
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Linux shared hosting plans include:

  • Ubuntu/CentOS option
  • Multiple Datacenters across regions like India, the UK, and the US
  • 1 month money-back
  • SSH access
  • User friendly Development tools
  • PHP, Python and MySQL
  • Unlimited transfers, bandwidth and storage
  • Highly Competitive Rates

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VPS Hosting by ResellerClub

When you or your end clients start experiencing the increased latency, low performance and other technical glitches then most probably it is the high time to upgrade to the more advanced plan with the better and dedicated resources. VPS hosting could be the best choice as it offers you the better capabilities as compared o the shared hosting plan and is much more economical than the dedicated server.

The higher security, more privacy and better control over the key features are a few other benefits of VPS hosting that offers that make it a better choice than the shared hosting plan. The VPS plans of ResellerClub are based on Linux that is arguably the most popularise trusted by the web hosting clients across the gibe. You will get the option to choose from CentOS and Ubuntu.

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  • The most powerful VPS plan is powered by 4 CPU cores and has an excellent speed that is to 8 GB of RAM the three terabytes of bandwidth sounds immense and 249 GB storage means your client can enjoy the most premium experience.
  • The company offers the best support on hardware upgrades and the latest security patches are also managed by the company. For more specific management issue you have to be directly involved.
  • You would be offered the complete DDoS protection that makes you secured against the latest DDoS threats.
  • Apart from that the clam AV antivirus and SSL manager are also offered for gearing up the security criteria.

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Dedicated Server by Resellerclub

The businesses that are experiencing the high-end progress and have already started their journey to the real success would certainly need the better privacy and more security. If you are a VPS hosting customer and realize that you need something still better than dedicated server could be the best choice for you to upgrade your experience. ResellerClub offers the one f the most trusted dedicated servers range with the high amount of functionalities and quite reasonable prices.You will get the full root access and sophisticated ClamAV protection when you buy dedicated servers.

The sophisticated hardware takes care of the performance requirements and allows you to enjoy the un-compromised performance irrespective of the varying demands.

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What sets Rsellerclub apart?

Now the major question is that why should you choose Resellerclub as your preferred parent host when there are a number of other options available in the market. Well, there are some pretty strong reasons to start your reseller hosting journey with ResellerClub:

Specially designed plans for benefiting resellers

As the name suggests the reseller club has focused for years on selling the reseller oriented hosting plans and that has allowed it to align its plans pricing and features as per the specific needs of the resellers. Having a complete focus on the single customer group avoids any type of distraction and thus the company enjoys a penetrating excellence in the field of reseller hosting packages that is certainly a big advantage for the resellers.

The company offers extended choice to the hosting resellers so that they can choose the exact package they would like to sell. For instance, the resellers get the option to choose between the Linux and the window hosting in order to meet the specific demands of their end customers.

After earning great reputations respect and trust as the best brand for hosting resellers, the company is also getting a good response from the individual end clients as well.

Strategic locations of DataCenters

The ResellerClub servers are situated in multiple continents to offer the best services to the global clients. Apart from Asian countries like India and Hong Kong its state of the art data centers are also situated in other regions as well like the UK, Austin and Texas that allow the global resellers to offer their clients the maximum uptime and error-free performance along with excellent speed.

Fair Pricing

The prices are unbelievably low and the invoicing is transparent that allows you to break down the prices of different aspects of the services. Unlike many other providers, there is no conflict between the advertised prices and the real price tags. There are no hidden charges either and that makes it the best choice for the beginners and budget-conscious clients.

High-quality features

The features offered by different plans are certainly impressive. You will get state of the art infrastructure, the wide array of resources and scalability that is unmatched by any other hosting provider offering the budget packages. You will also get the instant provisioning that is a major plus.

Best support

ResellerClub has a vast team of support executives that are not only well versed with the technical complexities but are also especially skilled to communicate the same in the language that is comprehensible to the nontechnical users.

Review of Resellerclub

The ResellerClub offers a number of hosting plans and recently it has made different changes in the features and overall takeaways that have allowed the company to gear up its reputation. It enjoys the unparalleled position in the reseller hosting industry as all its plans offer the reseller friendly features and process and facilitate the life of resellers while at the same the enhancing their revenue potential.

Fair prices, maximum features, and unparalleled support are the 3 USPs that make it the preferred choice for the hosting resellers across the globe.

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