An unbiased review: Is WHMCS Global Services the ideal choice for your needs?

Web hosting is one of the most promising businesses in the digital arena today. It is the fundamental service that every single website requires regardless of its size of nature. However, being a subscription based service you don’t just have to acquire new customers but also require strong provisions to manage different phases of your web hosting business right from customer management to billing and financial aspects.

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Thankfully there are multiple tools that can help you get a good grip over the billing, financial and some CRM aspects. One of the leading and most reliable tools is WHMCS or Web Host Management or customer support.

WHMCS assures for what it means “Web Host Manager Complete Solution”- a complete solution to launch and manage your own web hosting business. It offers you friendly tools to manage different aspects of creating and selling hosting plans, domain names, customer support, billing, and more. So, in short if you wish to launch your web hosting business then WHMCS is the best all rounder tool for your needs.

WHMCS is loaded with versatile billing, sales and management features, and the best thing is that it seamlessly supports different third party integrations and plugins that empower you to personalize the experience and gain more benefits out of it. However, it is important to choose the best whmcs development company.

One such company is WHMCS Global Services.

WHMCS Global Services

WHMCS Global Services offers a comprehensive collection of tailormade whmcs solutions to suit the needs and budget of different customers. The company has gained detailed expertise in the field of WHMCS customization thanks to its 10+ years of focused experience and delivering diverse WHMCS solutions to global clients of different sizes.

Team and Clients

The company has a strong team of more than one hundred qualified WHMCS developers to ensure timely execution without slacking on quality. To date the company has offered reliable solutions to the customers and has successfully acquired many new projects while building sustainable relations with old clients- now totalling to an impressive figure of 3000 happy clients from diverse geographies.

Business Philosophy

The best thing is that the company follows a policy of “thinking at the client’s level” which enables them to deliver affordable solutions to start-ups with a good provision of future scaling. At the same time, it helps them design premium, more comprehensive solutions for global brands. Regardless of the price or features, the quality always remains the same- high, uncompromised at any aspect, and worthy of winning long term trust.

USP and Services

WHMCS global can capably provide seamless integration of diverse functionalities for WHMCS platforms that will allow the users to ease the operations and automate tedious processes without compromising the outcome.


The company provides the following services/products:


  • Website Development
  • Modules Development
  • Scripts Development
  • Custom Order form Development
  • Custom Theme Development
  • Custom Client Area Development
  • Version Upgrade
  • WHMCS Automation
  • 3rd Party Integrations
  • Payment Gateway Integrations


A complete solution for setting or managing web hosting business

Along with that the company also has an on-roll team of Linux System Administrators who are capable of providing resalable services for almost every technical aspect related to web hosting business.  In short, if you are a web hosting provider and are looking to delegate your technical responsibilities to a reliable partner who is capable of providing timely and high-quality services without overcharging our then WHMCS Global Services is an ideal option to be considered.

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