VPS or Dedicated Server: How to Choose the Best Option for your Growing Business?

While shared hosting plan is the most popular choice for the beginners it has its limitations too. So, if you are a growing business you might need to graduate to the next level. You can either buy a virtual private server or select the best-dedicated servers to enjoy the premium performance. However, it is best to know about the features and other details of these two plans before taking any decision. Here are a few major things and benefits of VPS as well as dedicated server plan that will help you to decide the right hosting package for your needs:

What is VPS?

When you buy VPS you get the best features and capacities without any uncomfortable compromise in terms of performance, security, and privacy. In this model, a single hardware server is virtually partitioned in many separate hosting environments. Thus it keeps the prices relatively lower when compared to dedicated hosting. At the same time, it promises much better performance, security, and privacy.

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Benefits of VPS

You will have a separate digital hosting resource pool that cans only e used by you

Besides, you will also get the root access control to extend the administrative control over your website

You will have a dedicated pool of any time available virtual resources that can be allocated as and when required and it maximizes availability for your site

Likewise, as you will have a separate hosting environment you are safe from the hackers roaming in the same server.

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What is a dedicated server?

The heavy eCommerce sites and popular blogs need dedicated hosting plans. In this model, the hardware server, as well as the resources, solely belong to you that extend your capabilities.

Benefits of dedicated server

It allows you to configure the hosting system and optimize it to meet their changing needs without any restrictions

You can use your favorite OS, modify the security system and adapt load balancers to be able to offer you better services

You will have an all-time availability of resources and you can allocate the same to meet your fluctuating demands

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VPS Vs Dedicated hosting

VPS hosting offers you the dedicated pool of virtual resources that can only be used by you and you will also get enhanced security and privacy due to the separate virtual hosting environment. The prices are much more affordable than dedicated hosting. So if you are a growing business but have a limited budget then it would be best to add some reasonable amount and upgrade to VPS.

Understandably the price tag of this “exclusively yours” plan is equally exclusive and it is not possible for the new clients, beginners, small businesses and startups to afford this plan. Even if you have that kind of money, you should be sure to review your needs before going for this plan Chances are that you might not need all the exclusive features, capabilities or resources of the dedicated server and in that case, you might continue paying heavy fees for the resources that you rarely use. If you are a huge MNC or a medium-sized enterprise that is registering a very high growth then it could be advisable to buy a dedicated server. Likewise, the bloggers who are experiencing massive traffic would also get the best services when they buy a dedicated server.


The cheap prices, unlimited resources, and hassle-free management make shared hosting plans the preferred choice for many beginners. However, shared hosting plans lack privacy, security, and stable performance guarantee. That is why the growing business might need to change their plan. The next 2 options are VPS and dedicated server, many people feel it difficult to choose the best option for their needs. In this blog, we have discussed the major features of both the plans that will make it easy for you to decide the best plan that fits your requirements and business.

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