WordPress V/S SquareSpace One on One Comparison : Which one wins?

When we talk of popular CMS the very first thing that comes to the mind is WordPress. However, of late other CMS are also gaining some popularity. One such CMS is Squarespace. Due to its promising features and easy interface, it is gaining fast popularity if you want to decide between Squarespace and WordPress it would be great to compare both of them on the basis of several parameters:

Criteria#1: Ease of Use

WordPress: While WordPress is quite simple to work with, the first time users and non technical users still need to go through certain learning period before they can manage various functionalities of WordPress efficiently. Besides they also need to acquaint themselves with the terminology, techniques, scope and limitations of WordPress features.

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Squarespace: Squarespace is majorly focused on making the process simple for the beginners and thus offers a straightforward route for publishing the content. It helps the first time non technical users in a long way as there are no diversions.

Verdict: Due to extreme ease of use Sqaurespace fares better than WordPress.

Criteria #2: Editing

Squarespace: The interface of Squarespace content editor is majorly based on pick, drag and drop processes that make the things extremely easy for the absolute beginners. Even working with media files like audio, image or video content is quite easy. Much easier when compared to WordPress. That’s a big gain for the beginners who want to add media to their content for better impact.

WordPress: WordPress aims at offering the maximum controls and functionality options to its users so they are able to tailor-made their website or blog. This invariably results in multiple diversions and could be a bit confusing for the absolute beginners.

Verdict: Due to its well mapped interface and guided processes the Squarespace ranks better the words press when it comes to the functionality.

Criteria #3: Costs

WordPress: As open source software you can download the WordPress for free and are able to change or create a website using the platform without any restrictions. However if you need to go online you need to hire the services of an external web hosting provider and opt for the suitable hosing plan that will cost you some money depending upon the chosen option and the corresponding price. WordPress offers you numerous free high quality templates and plug-ins to create, edit, modify renovate and upgrade your website easily and economically. Considering the fact that WordPress website can be run for as low as $3.95 pm there couldn’t be a more economical option to build an impressive website with full fledged functionality and controls.

Squarespace: The Squarespace offers you a limited kitty of resources. Much like its interface, there are definite limitations when it comes to the number of resources available with these packs. In its personal plan priced at $8 you will be able to create a maximum of 20 pages, post only 1 blog and add not more than 2 contributors to the site. A major restriction that directly impedes the revenue possibilities of your site is that you cannot sell more than one item on Squarespace. At $16 you get premium pack allowing you to sell 20 products and enjoy unlimited pages, space and bandwidth. Spend $24 and you can enjoy the power to sell unlimited products along with unlimited blogs, and galleries.

Verdict: WordPress offers a better flexibility by allowing users to choose their own Cheap WordPress webhost and upgrading the plans. It also allows them to control their budget. You can buy cheap wordpress hosting from Hostgator and Bluehost.

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Criteria #4: Functionality and design

WordPress: Whether you want to add the social sharing plug-ins or need sophisticated plug-in for membership sites there is a plug-in for every purpose that not only excels in functionality but also is easy to install and use. Apart from that the WordPress offers extensive themes that are suitable for different businesses and industries. Installing a WordPress theme is a hassle-free, straightforward process and using that is not at all difficult. WordPress development is also affordable.

Squarespace: The Squarespace offers very limited number of templates and thus put a limit to your creative abilities or concepts. Though Squarespace offers customizer feature, you are able to customize just a limited set of features using the same. Though Squarespace does offer some features and plug-ins to work with, they are clearly not sufficient or versatile enough to offer you the full fledged professional functionality. Besides, installing the external plug-in for increasing site’s functionality is really difficult. A limited integration option is allowed but only to a few selected services with limited options.

Verdict: Due to comfortable choice menu for designs features and added functionality, WordPress clearly outshines Squarespace.

Criteria # 5: Ecommerce

WordPress: WordPress offers you the ability to choose just any payment processor platform and integrate to use them easily to the WordPress- PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer, Google check out, and bit coin. With just a few relatively simple processes you can convert your site into a professionally designed online store. Alternatively you can use ecommerce-specific WordPress themes. You can also use technical tools for associated activities like tracking affiliate or monitoring performance of different pages. WordPress does not restrict the maximum number of products you can sell on your WordPress site.

Squarespace: Squarespace again lags behind with its limited ecommerce options. Skrill- a payment gateway with limited reach- is the only option that can be used for payment processing. Availability of only one payment gateway with a narrow reach limits your payment accepting abilities while interfering with your global expansion plans. While you will pay for the all the resources you are restricted to sell only 22 products. While working with WordPress you can have a better choice over the e maximum number of items you can sold. Square pace allows only a few selected external service to be integrated with the Squarespace website development. This is again a major setback and you also need to consider the fact that integration further compresses the original features of the integrated services while controlling them.

Verdict: Talking of the two options- For an ecommerce site WordPress is not the better option- it is the only option available

Final Conclusion


  • Are looking for simple and user-friendly CMS
  • Cannot commit a considerable time for building/maintaining a site
  • Need straightforward and stable costs without fluctuations
  • Need a simple site with limited needs


  • Have very specific functionality demands
  • Need next level customization
  • Are building a functionality rich complex website
  • Are fairly good at understanding technological terms and processes
  • Know some coding
  • can commit a definite time for creating and developing the site
  • are ready to spend a decent budge on the site and fluctuations would not bother you
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